Interview the Character Below You!

This is basically a way for you to develop your characters! Basically, you will answer the questions the person above you puts while in character and then type three more for the next person!


Insert Character name

•Answer 1 to the question the person above you asked.
•Answer 2 to the question the person above you asked.
•Answer 3 to the question the person above you asked.

Questions for the next person:

•Question 1 that you wrote for the next person
•Question 2 that you wrote for the next person
•Question 3 that you wrote for the next person

Here are some questions to start us off:

What are your three most favorite things to do?

What quality do you dislike the most in yourself?

Who are your friends, if any?



(I’ll answer this in two different main characters I have. Christina, The One, and Amber, Burn Girl. Amber is 16 and Christina is 24.)

Christina: My favourite things to be honest are working to catch suspects, being with my friends and my sister, and just…more working to be honest.

Amber: Honestly, I don’t even know. I don’t get much time to do anything. I mean, maybe hanging out with Nicolis and Max? That is probably my favorite thing.

Christina: I honestly hate that I focus on work more than anything else in myself. But, honestly, my worse quality is being noisy.

Amber: Definitely, my tendency to be rude and closed off.

Christina: Well, does my sister Kayla count? Kidding, I have Mayline, Zeba, Natalia(who I also might be romantically involved with on the side), Lorazo, Lucina, and many other people.

Amber: The only “friends” I have are Nicolis and Max.

Your questions:

  1. What is the worst thing you have done?
  2. If there was ONLY ONE time you got to go back in time and fix something embarrassing/bad you did, what would it be?
  3. Is there anyone that you hate immensely, and if so, why?
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Dean Knight ~ Bulwark
Age: 19

  1. I was responsible for getting my fiancée killed, trying to save her.
  2. I would go back and save her, and I’d do it right.
  3. The driver of that construction truck, if it wasn’t for him I’d probably be the father of a few beautiful baby girls and handsome baby boys by now… ALRIGHT, NO MORE QUESTIONS! That’s enough for today. This interview is over!

  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. What was your favorite memory with a bf/gf?
  3. If a tragic event in your backstory happened because of a choice you made, would you make it again, now that you’re older and wiser and have seen the path it leads you down and made you the person you are today?
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Featuring the main character of my novel.

In Earth language it is called “Spicy monitor lizard soup. I not know is my translation is correct because the soup is specially prepared; we uses fruits, tubers, herbs, and spice it for strong acid-spicy-bitter taste. It is pride food of our people.”

“I. . . I have very, so many memories. I. . .” (Stutters). “I am sorry this subject is personal and I have to move on from it, but I still cher. . . Chelish? Cherist our times together.”

“Sorry, I want to pass this. No feeling disrespectful but I cannot answer this.”

My questions (I do not like asking other people’s character personal questions, sorry for the absurdity)

  1. What are your considerations when choosing shampoo to buy?
  2. Do you think plants have soul?
  3. Is banana taped on the wall art?
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I’ll try this for Scarlet, the main character of my novel :smiley_cat:

Do I need to chose? Can’t I just take whatever my friend’s Mum buys? I’d rather not spend their money on something that’s not good.

I haven’t read anything about that yet but I’m open to the idea of plants having souls. I guess I’ll try to find some books about it and read them all at one day.

Definitely! But don’t let my best friend’s twin see that banana… the art will be gone in less than a second.

Questions for the next person:

  1. One really good friend or many friends, what do you prefer?
  2. Can you cook your best friend’s favourite food?
  3. For how much money would you shave your whole head?

I’ll answer as Ellie and Eduardo from There’s No Accounting for Taste, my new story which will be released in 2 weeks.
(Also, I added some tags.)

ELLIE: One really good friend, of course! Why would I need many friends if they are just going to be casual friends that I can’t trust nor count on? What’s the point of that? Just to make it seem like you have friends, or to have a backup plan just in case your friends are busy? That’s like, sooooo stupid.

EDUARDO: I think it’s a good idea to have more than one friend because what if your best friend moves away, and you end up alone because you only hung out with that person? Or you might just grow apart and not have anything in common with that friend anymore. This especially happens with childhood friends. :notes: Seasons change, and our love went co-o-old… :notes: Haha, sorry, it’s just that whenever I’m reminded of a song I like, I just have to sing it. That being said, although it is a good idea to get to know different people and make more friends, not all of them will be your BEST friends.

ELLIE: OMG, well not yet, because I’m just learning how to cook… but… my best friend’s favorite food is Nigerian Jollof. Her mom is from Nigeria, and she taught my friend how to make it. My bestie can make it, of course, because she’s a good cook. But as soon as I learn more cooking techniques, I want to make jollof for my bestie. I hope I don’t burn it or anything.

EDUARDO: My best friend’s favorite food is octopus tacos. Yeah, I can make that. It’s not too hard.

ELLIE: I can always wear a wig, so if there’s enough money involved, I’m up for it!
EDUARDO: I’ve never shaved my head before, and I don’t really like the idea of being bald, so no. I won’t do it.

Next questions!

  1. Who are you closest to?
  2. What’s your favorite song?
  3. What’s something all your friends are into, but you aren’t?
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