Introducing a Place to Chat: the ShanniiWrites Forums!

Hey guys, this is awesome. Rather than a link to the forum, why not share this with people to help explain why the forum is so awesome?!


Rad blog post :eyes::eyes::+1:

But the forums has become much more than just a place for writers and artists since then, it’s a home for many eyemazing people now, no matter what they’re interested in :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


That’s true, we should edit this.

My god, I love this place with all my heart, I’ve given a part of myself here basically, I’ve even considered donating if my parents let me I would

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i didn’t tell mine :star_struck:

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oooooooh I can do it in secret :thinking:

hm @ShanniiWrites @ChaoticDeluge can I donate to here in secret? without my parents knowing? is it like a I didn’t see anything so I didn’t know it happened?

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i mean that really depends

mine don’t check my debit card statements so i just paid with my own card :eyes:

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