Is Anime good? Should i give it a go?

I’ve never watched any anime shows or
films but i literally have nothing to do so i thought i’d give it a go.
So is it good and what anime shows/films should i watch?


Anime is just a style of story-telling like stop-motion and live action. There’s always an anime out there for everyone.

I would start watching something mainstream. Anything out of mainstream is low-key kinda weird if you’re not used to watching anime imo. BNHA and Full Metal Alchemist is really good if you’re first starting anime. Dragon Ball Z is a classic, but the art style in early seasons are real old school. Demon Slayer is currently super popular right now, so I recommend that too.


Breaks out list of over 150+ animes watched

What’s your favorite/preferred genre/genres? I can reccomend shows from there.

@Alexei Dragon Slayer?


Definitely meant Demon Slayer lmfaoo


I like dystopian stuff.

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Anime is decent yah.

I kid, it’s pretty much an entire artistic movement in and of itself. It has genres and communities and sweeping styles within its range. If you like romance? They got you covered. Action? They got you super covered, most popular anime are action. Fantasy? Super covered. Some of the best and most unique fantasy stories are in anime.

Dystopia? Akira is a good shout!

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Thanks! Where do you usually watch it?

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I tend to watch anime on Crunchyroll personally, but it’s like most TV and films. There isn’t a single source for everything! There are some films and shows you can only get from certain sources. Netflix has a decent lineup from what I’ve heard

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thanks, i’ll check it out!

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Yes! I have some reccommendations!

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Episodes: 12
Warnings: Minor Gore, hints of abuse.


A high school girl searching for love summons a ghost boy who is said to grant wishes.

Does it have a manga?: Yes.

Demon Slayer

Episodes: 26
Warnings: Extreme gore.


In the Taisho era, a young boy trains to become a demon slayer with his sister.

Does it have a manga?: Yes.

Fruits Basket 2019

Episodes: 2 Seasons (Ongoing today)
Warnings: Mentions of abuse, trauma, death, and hints of s*x.


A homeless girl is helped by her classmate when he lets her live in his house, but the sohma’s aren’t ordinary people.

Does it have a manga?: Yes.

Carole and Tuesday

Episodes: 2 Seasons
Warnings: Cussing


A girl runs away from her home and finds another girl who also wants to make music, so they team up to become singers.

Does it have a manga?: No.

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Watch Naruto!!! :eyes:

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thanks! The first one sounds really interesting.

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I don’t watch anime. :sweat_smile:

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If you like dystopian you might like:
The Promised Neverland. (Not really dystopian, but a really good series)
Psycho Pass
Guilty Crown
Ergo Proxy (didn’t watch, but supposedly it’s really good)

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There are so many genres! Like anything, there’s bound to be good and bad things in it.

As far as dystopian things go, I have to recommend Code Geass. I think it’s on Netflix right now, and features a completely different world structure where a Britain analog has colonized the entire world. It’s got advanced tech and a bitlot of slightly fantastical elements. I’d recommend checking it out.

Also someone mentioned Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba, which isn’t dystopian but is still an excellent show.


I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO RECOMMEND CODE GEASS! AGHH! Love Lelouch and his slightly, kinda, completely morally grey character and his noodle legs. :pensive:

As someone who hasn’t ever watched anime, (well unless you count watching Pokémon when I was younger).

Why should someone start watching anime?
What would be a good way to start watching anime?
What makes watching anime any different from watching any other type of show?

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There are a lot of good shows!

Most people have Netflix, which hosts a large number of anime. I would recommend watching it on there if you have it, or on Crunchyroll if you don’t. I’d try to find one that is in the genre that you like and that is popular, because they’re the most fun to watch coming in from the outside.

They’re cartoons but aimed for adults. They can take place in fantastical worlds that could never really be pulled off or shown well in a traditional television show. The animations can also be a lot more expressive that actual people could do with their faces, which adds a certain style to it.