Is choreographing a dance like writing a story?

Writing and choreography might seem like very different mediums, but both can be used to communicate a message. So, is choreographing a dance like writing a story? What do you think?



I think a dance is better if it tells a story in a way

…try writing out a scene describing a choreographed dance. Just…just end my suffering… :upside_down_face:

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I think it depends on what kind of dance it is but it can be very similar :thinking:

so it really depends on the style and the song, I think.

if you are making a story out of a dance, that’s great! I’ve done/seen that. It’s awesome!


depending on the style, you have to move a diffferent way. If you are doing lyrical, I think you have to dance to the lyrics? When I choreograph, I do it to the lyrics and the dance is like what the words of the song are. But in ballet, it’s different.

With choreography and a story, I think you have to really plan it out more, especially with more people. You have to know what you want it to be like, have a vision. Which is unlike when I write, I just write, I don’t like to plan.

I think, unlike words, there is a lot of looseness to movement. Everyone could interpret it differently.

I think it just depends on what you are doing…

sorry, my mind just was like “i’m going to spew out thoughts now”

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