Is everything scarier when it's dark?

I think it is :joy: but I am very much so scared of the dark so night light bros and also a torch (flashlight) are always handy for me at night.

Idk I think it’s just because your imagination goes crazyyyy.

What about you guys?


I always worry that I can’t see insects on the floor :eyes: Or really anywhere… (slowly gets more panicky about insects despite being in a fully lit room)


My eyes make the ceiling too blurry for me to spot them now but I used to be able to see insects in the darkness :joy:


Dark darkness :eyes:

I’m just waiting for my eyes to fail me like they have for the rest of my family


During the day, being in a dark room isn’t scary.
But during the night darkness is somehow 10x more scary lmao

I think it depends on the place you’re at, I wouldn’t be as scared in my room as I would be in a dark alleyway


Darkness is my soul :sunglasses::sunglasses:
Jk no darkness isn’t nice I’m too anxious for that :joy:


I’m not really scared of darkness.
It’s weird but if I assume there’re ghosts in a dark room, I just kinda talk to them, ya know. Dunno if they are there or hearing me, or if it’s just my imagination

I’m not scared of the dark I’m just paranoid, so yeah.

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Kind of, yeah. I’m not scared of being alone, I’m just scared of not being alone.

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Or otherwise in a haunted house if you live in one scary you in the dark.

I dont think that darkness is that scary, but silence freaks me tf out

With different scenarios playing in my head? Yeah.

Darkness is unknown, your most relied upon sense “sight” is stripped from you. We are reliant on our other less tuned senses. Yet we strain our eyes.

Shadows move in the darkness, worse in the silence as out mind desperately tries to rationalise all the things that we need to prepare against. Darkness has always meant danger throughout human history. Our fear is instinctual.

Humanity has spent over 4,000 years, fighting back the darkness.


I- :0