Is Exposition Really That Bad?

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What makes people hate exposition? How can we reveal information without making it seem artificial?


Haha, love the inner monologue exposition example :joy:

I mean, if your intention was to hide the exposition and you failed, then you probably did it wrong. But not hiding exposition and breaking the third wall can sometimes work out really well for example with Rick in Rick and Morty.

I never knew the term audience surrogate but I like when it is used in stories, it feels very natural.

I loved the part about dialogue. This is something I struggle with and I think it will be useful to go over that paragraph when writing in the future. I used to have lots of exposition in dialogue, but yeah. I’ve realized that it comes off as weird for most characters.

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I really like that basic exposition in stories :smile: I can’t be the only one, right? Those “monologues loaded with information” seem totally realistic to me, maybe because I’m just overthinking everything :joy: But the methods and tips you gave are really a good way to do it instead of going for those monologues. But for me, the “Audience Surrogate” is overused, too many stories use that method and I want to know things before the character does :joy:

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