Is freedom of speech necessary in a functional society?

Freedom of speech is most certainly a controversial topic, needless to say. Most people support it blindly, not quite knowing what it encompasses, and what limits that the government places on it.

A quick google search will define Freedom of Speech as: “the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.” Theoretically, this would include calling for an end to the government, or blatant hate speech even. In practice, this is often incorrect.
Governments create laws against certain abuses of free speech, such as laws about hate speech and discrimination laws. It should also be noted that freedom of speech protects you only from the government, not the reactions and consequences brought on by your peers.

So, is it necessary in a functional society?
I’m gonna go out and say yes. Outlawing it outlaws freedom of expression, and freedom to express disagreements with the government, both necessary parts of a functional society. However, there should of course be laws in place, limiting certain parts of said speech.
Laws against hate speech would be necessary, and i don’t really know what else :joy:. Racists, homophobes, ableists, sexists ect. will get their opinion out there with or without free speech. May as well make it legal to scream at them /hj

@Discussions: What is your opinion on this topic?


@Debaters, you may be interested in this too ^^^

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Really shortly, I would give a strong, broad yes on the basis of the marketplace of ideas analogy.