Is it okay to listen to music while studying?

Some people say that music is helpful for studying and remembering things. Others say that it doesn’t help at all, and rather than it distracts you. Personally, I like to listen to music while studying because it tunes out background noise and helps me focus, but what do you guys think? Is it okay to listen to music while studying?


I like to listen to music while studying! I think it helps me have something else not-distracting happening so that I’m not focused on how boring everything is while not being super distracted from what I’m doing.

Listening to music in class was actually so much fun until the college banned it :joy:

It’s okay if you can actually handle it and are still able to focus on the work at hand. I personally like playing music in the background whilst studying , but only if there isn’t any lyrics in them👀

Yes, it motivates me! :eyes:

It’s ok! If it helps!

Nope, it distracts me!

I listen to music doing everything pretty much
It’s fun and I concentrate better

As long as it doesn’t distract you, it’s cool.

There are times when it distracts me but sometimes it helps me focus based on the subject i study

If it helps you focus, then oui :eyes::+1:

if it works for you, then go ahead. it doesn’t work for me though. i can’t focus on any assignment with music in my ears because it’s too distracting. i can’t listen to both simultaneously because i either tune out the music completely if i’m focused (which would be pointless to listen to music), or the music just ends up making me distracted and i’d have to reread things over again

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It actually depends on you. Some people don’t get distracted and it helps them a lot, but some people (like me) get easily distracted with music. If the former, then yes it is totally okay, but otherwise then not really.

Personally, I don’t like to listen to music when studying not that I even study because it will, like, become superior in my order of things to do since it’s my interest. Studying is deemed very inferior thing in my mind.

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