Is promoting your story important?

A lot of people put a whole bunch of effort into promoting their story, although I’ve never been fond of that myself. I think that it definitely is important, but I always worry more about that story itself.

  • Is promoting your story important?
  • Is there a limit to how much work you should put into promoting your story?

I had tried to promote my stories quite a number of times, but I am currently in the state of giving up. :sweat_smile:


I would say yes.

To me, there must be a limit. I’m certain not all will agree to me.
I had came across some who are just pure lucky and they don’t even put in any effort, and some really unlucky and had put in too much effort.

And in my opinion, once you had reached a certain amount of recognition, should give way for others to shine. But to some, they are still hungry for more… so, this really dims the opportunity for the lesser known authors.


Well my co-writer did over 20 or so threads when we first published so…we have been published for 6 weeks with 440 reads.

I believe so yes. BUT don’t go sliding it in everyone’s faces at any opportunity.

Yes! You can under promote it(not promote it enough so it gets little to no reads) and over promote it and take away even smaller author’s reads.

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I think it’s important. But you need to know HOW. Putting it on a thread where 500 people are dropping their stories and probably aren’t even looking for stories to read probably isn’t the right place.

But let’s say that your story has a particular aspect. Maybe you have a male MC, and someone posts a thread looking for stories with male MCs. That would be a good place to post your story, because people are looking for specific stories to read.

Instagram is also a great place to promote your stories. If you have written other stories beforehand, then your readers are pretty likely to want to read something else written by you.


Mmhm, using tags an such is very important. Currently my story is sitting at 400 reads and that’s from putting it out there and making connections – promotion is very important.

Promoting your story is important, you have to get someone to notice tour story somehow! No matter how good your story is, if no one knows it’s existance, how do you expect them to read them?