Is the Author Dead or Not?

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The Death of the Author is a common idea in literature and media at large, but it’s not the only way you can look at an author’s involvement in their own story.


I think that books should be open to interpretation so I think that the author is dead! I do think though that you shouldn’t claim the theories that you have of the book as truth or express your belief of the book as a fact- you should say that this is your interpretation. Some books are more open to interpretation as well, being well-constructed puzzles for you to figure out - which is why I disagree with “Authorial intent”. Cool post- mucho calcium.

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I’ve never really heard about this and I didn’t know people even spend time on deciding whether they’ll listen to the author or not :joy: When I read a book and a question comes up, I just google it and see what other people say. If I find something that the author has said, I just take that as the truth. I mean, nobody knows the writer’s work better than the writer themselves? I don’t know, I never put much thought into this. I don’t think the author is the only one who’s opinion on a piece of work can be right, but at least think about what the author says instead of just saying the author’s opinion doesn’t matter

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