Is there a book you wish would exist?

This thread is to discuss books that don’t yet exist, but you wish they would.
It might be a book to help you learn something in particular, or a story that you wish someone would write but no one has written yet.
It might even be a book based on a movie or series you like.

When I was younger, there was a telenovela that I really liked… it was different than the typical poor girl-rich guy romance stories that were insanely popular during my childhood. This one was family-oriented, and even though at times they had a lot of filler scenes and focused too much on certain relationships that I didn’t care about, I loved the family dynamics between the central families. So I started writing my very own version of it, and whenever I go back and read it, I wish there could have been a book like that one. I never completed it but I wrote about 42 chapters.


:eyes: Now I’d love to read this.


I don’t know about books that I wish would exist not existing, just because I couldn’t know if that book existed somewhere. However, I would love access to some good information on vocals and programming, which I’ve had trouble finding resources that work well for me.

@Writers ~ are there any books that you wish would exist?

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Books about songwriting and music in general that can help :pensive:


glances at the book I am writing