Is there a game you like that most people hate?

Yes, there are a lot. There’s a chinese palace gamr in android that is kinda boring, but I enjoyedplaying it while getting criticised by my brother everytime I played it, I lasted for 6 months before deciding to quit.

  • Any games you enjoy playing but a lot of people around you hate it?
  • Why do you like it and why do they hate it?
  • Do they know if you play the game.
  • If yes, do you get criticised for playing it?
  • If no, are you too afraid that you would get criticised?
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The community stories are gud :+1:


I don’t know cos I don’t know the numbers between likes and dislikes of the games I play.

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I have no idea tbh if people hate the games I like then I’d love to know their reasons