Is there such thing as disney related food?

The closet I’ve ever seen to disney related food was a spongebob iceream and it didn’t taste very nice at all. I got it from the local shops, do it could be expired for all I know.

Is there such thing as disney related food? Does it actually taste good? Where can you get it from?


I think I’ve had popsicles of disney characters :eyes:

I think you could definitely make disney-related food with shapes


Isn’t all food at the Disney parks Disney related? :thinking:


Mickey Ice Cream bar. (Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate shell, shaped like a Mickey head, on a popsicle stick.)

Mickey Ice Cream sandwich (Mickey mouse shaped ice cream sandwich with a cookies & cream ice cream.)

I get both of those in Disney World (though you can sometimes buy them in stores, but to me it’s not the same) There’s plenty of food that can be Disney related.


spongebob is not Disney though


Oui, for example you can buy a Mickey Mouse or a Disney Princess cake at the grocery store near my house :eyes::rose::two_hearts:


I’ve never been so I don’t know

That’s why I said It was the closest I’ve ever had to disney related food

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I haven’t either. I just assumed it would be Disney themed in some way

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I is big dumb dumb and d i dint think bout that

I don’t know if there are disney related food but I saw this:

Any disney related food sounds delicious :joy: