Is this stupid? What do you think?

Had you been watching Disney Channel from 2012 to 2016 you’ve probably seen a show called Gravity Falls. I loved the show while it was on, and my mom found both seasons at the store, and decided to get it for me. When I saw it, I was pretty excited to watch it, so I waited until no one was home so I wouldn’t disturb anyone, and began watching. I scrolled to season 2 episode 11, Not as he seems. I started the episode, but something seemed slightly off. The opening music was slightly glitched and the audio was choppy. I didn’t think too much of it, thinking the disk was just scratched, but the whispers at the end sounded almost demonic. After the theme, the episode continued without a hitch until the the incident with the portal. When everyone is screaming as they’re being levitated, the screams sounded too real, as if the actors themselves were screaming in genuine terror. I shuddered, knowing this definitely wasn’t normal. The screams became ear piercing, causing me to yelp and grab for the remote, slamming my finger down on the volume button to turn it down. I thought there must have been something wrong with the remote because the volume stayed the same. I eventually just slapped my hands over my ears. I had hoped that was just another glitch and the show would finish normally, but instead of Ford coming out of the portal, everyone was sucked into it. I stared in horror, mouth agape. The screen faded to black, the words “Gravity Fallen” appearing on the screen in white letters.



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I thought it was the opposite. I’m glad it has the disired effect.

i thought this was a true story at first. great job!

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Lol, nope.

am i wrong-

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Hyper-realistic screams are gonna become the new hyper-realistic blood, I’m telling ya

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Lol. I was worried it was cringy.

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Pure fiction.

I remember watching gravity falls but I do think that show was weird.

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Trigger Warning thoughts on this?
Lola was definitely dead. She had made sure of that. She was now staring down at what used to be her body, hanging from the ceiling fan in her room. She sighed, thinking back on what had brought her to the conclusion she had to kill herself. It had all started a couple months ago.
Lola Tristan was a bubbly seventeen year old, going into her last year of high school. She was very sweet, always being kind to everyone and willing to help. Unfortunately, her constantly happy attitude wasn’t loved by everyone. There were several people that would take advantage of her kind and willing attitude in various ways. One day, it was taken too far.
Lola’s day started off as normal, she woke up, did her morning routine and drove to school. When she got there, a jock that she was acquainted with named Josh stopped her, asking for ten dollars. “Sure! Here you go.” Lola chirped, pulling a $10 bill out of her wallet and handing it to him. Josh grinned at her. “Thanks, Lola. Good to know you’re here if a guy needs help. I’ll pay you back later.” Lola shook her head. “Oh, no need. I’m just happy to help!” Josh patted her on the shoulder, waving as he walked away. Lola headed to her first class with a smile on her face.
Later, Lola was in her last class of the day when she was called down to the principal’s office. Lola stood up from her desk in confusion. She knew she hadn’t done anything wrong, so why was she being called to the principal’s office? Thoughts swirled around in her head as she walked down the hall. When she got to the office, he was startled to see the principal, the football coach, Josh and his parents, and her parents, the latter which stood up abruptly as Lola entered. “Lola Grace Tristan! Have you been smoking?! This boy says you gave him marijuana!” Lola’s dad shouted, jabbing a finger at Josh, who sneered at her, all traces of his former friendly attitude gone. “You got me in trouble, bitch. I’m just returning the favor.” He mouthed. Lola stared, slack jawed in disbelief. Did her parents seriously believe she was smoking? “I-I have no clue what you’re talking about!” Lola squeaked, her greenish blue eyes wide in shock. “We know Josh wouldn’t willingly do drugs, so you must have coerced him.” Josh’s mom said angrily. Lola had no clue what to say to that, so she stayed silent. She listened to the principal explain that both of them we’re getting suspended for a week, and dismissed them. Lola and her parents drove home in silence, and Lola went to her room to cry once they got home. Her parents confiscated all her electronics and things, so all she could do was be alone with her thoughts. Over the next week, Lola sunk into a stupor, the fact that a person who had seemed so nice would betray her, gnawing at her mind.
Back at school on Monday, she was accosted by the entire football team, pissed off that Josh was suspended, causing him to miss some practices so he couldn’t play in the upcoming game. They took out all their frustrations on Lola, leaving her badly bruised. She lay there in the hallway, crying as the football players walked off. She eventually got up, thankful her shirt covered most of the bruises. As the weeks wore on, things only got worse. Word spread around the school, and people who Lola once considered friends now wouldn’t give her a second glance, all because of one boy’s lie. Lola couldn’t take it anymore. She’d became depressed and withdrawn, dreading school. One day, several months into the bullying and ostracizing, Lola had enough. She waited until the house was empty, going to the garage and grabbing a rope. She then went up to her room, tying one end to the ceiling fan and the other into a noose. She then pulled the chair from her desk over, standing on it and placing the noose around her neck. She then kicked the chair to the side, the rope cutting off her air. She swayed in the air, the life leaving her body. Soon, she was staring down at her body, not caring. She was on a mission now. She left her room, finding the school directory and locating Josh’s house. She headed there, the people walking the streets paying her no mind, as they couldn’t see her. She entered his house easily, watching him texting his friends. She made her presence known by knocking over his lamp. “H-hello?” He asked. She couldn’t help but giggle, which he apparently heard, because he freaked out. She rushed at him, possessing his body. She then forced him to walk over to the window, opening it. He was struggling against her control, but she wasn’t letting go. She was going to make him pay. She made him climb out the window, doing a swan dive onto the pavement below. His head slammed into the pavement with a sickening crack, snapping his neck. Satisfied, Lola left his body, going on to pay visits to those that had caused her to end it all.

Okay but like gravity falls is one of my fav disney shows :star_struck:

I’m trying to write an origin for myself as a Creepypasta, and I get powers from radioactive material(cliche, I know, but we actually live near a nuclear power plant). I was thinking that my dad could go to inspect it, because his work involves chemicals, and bring me along for some reason. Not sure how this would work, though…I was thinking I’d fall into the chemicals, but that sounds stupid.

Moved to writing feedback and added feedback tag :sparkles:

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Ohm thanks. Forgot I made this.