Is Tik Tok a good way to make art go viral?

TikTok is a mobile media app where you can create and share art in the form of short videos. It has recently been responsible for making a number of songs go viral but can art go viral too?
There are a lot of artists promoting their work through this app like Miranda the Hybrid, McMonster, Mary Clare Teller, Adam Salisbury, TootyMcNooty and many more. They do different things like making tutorials, time lapse videos, giving tips…
TootyMcNooty explained how most of her animations are inspired by TikTok trends and creators that come and go constantly but Adam thinks it’s all about the app’s algorithm. (source)

What do you think? Is Tik Tok a good way to make art go viral?


I don’t know… I’ve never tried using tik took :no_mouth::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

I think it would mostly depend on how you present your art there because you could technically use any platform to make your art become famous :eyes::sparkles: