Is Tik Tok a good way to make art go viral?

TikTok is a mobile media app where you can create and share art in the form of short videos. It has recently been responsible for making a number of songs go viral but can art go viral too?
There are a lot of artists promoting their work through this app like Miranda the Hybrid, McMonster, Mary Clare Teller, Adam Salisbury, TootyMcNooty and many more. They do different things like making tutorials, time lapse videos, giving tips…
TootyMcNooty explained how most of her animations are inspired by TikTok trends and creators that come and go constantly but Adam thinks it’s all about the app’s algorithm. (source)

What do you think? Is Tik Tok a good way to make art go viral?


I don’t know… I’ve never tried using tik took :no_mouth::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

I think it would mostly depend on how you present your art there because you could technically use any platform to make your art become famous :eyes::sparkles:

I think there are better ways to do it :eyes:

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I don’t know Tiktok, is there much art on there? @Artists, do you know?

There’s actually a lot of cool artists on TikTok! I follow a few of them, but I love it when I see art videos on my for you page. A lot of them are posting their art videos using sounds that talk about serious issues to spread awareness…

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That’s really cool. Do many have a load of views?

The people watching can’t see the number of views, but they usually have several thousand likes.

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Oh, righto. That’s good that plenty of people are liking it then.

I think it can be a good way to make art go viral, because I normally never watch those short art videos but I watched one some weeks ago and my for you page is still full of art videos. So if someone’s searching for art on that platform, they are very likely to find your art as well, as long as you know how to use the hashtags and have good art to show!

I guess it’s harder to steal art that way, so I suppose. the algorithm is messed up though

It is a good way, considering how popular the platform is. Just like IG, you have to have the patience if yoh want to promote your art through tik tok. As Tik Toks are usually short videos, it’s easier for people to absorb bite size information from it. And if you do so, it’s going to be hard but don’t give up!

It is a good way to make your art go virtual. Because tiktok is such a huge platform, it’s actually a lot easier to go viral with any video as long as it’s amusing enough. The downside is:

You will either go virtual for two things: no in between

  • you went virtual cuz your art was amazing and people praise you


  • your art was ugly enough to be a laughing stock for many people to make go viral

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