"It's Just a Story": We Underestimate the Power of Literature

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Literature is a powerful tool that gives us so much information on how we and others see the world. So, we need to start giving it the credit it deserves!


I think that you can read a story just for the sake of reading and you don’t have to search out the moral of the story. That said, I do agree with that writers have to be responsible and there are good and bad stories hehe.

The power of stories. The reason Bran the Broken got chosen as the new king lol. It’s a good story, like Tyrion said. That is very true despite what’s being said about the last season of GoT.

Also stories are sooo powerful, they can rewrite history. History is written by the winners and I wonder how much we got wrong haha.

We should definitely think about what we glorify! But also be critical readers.


I never got the thought that “it’s just a story” even though most of the time I use reading for escapism. Even if I don’t actively search for the moral of the story, there’s always something that stays on my mind for longer. Every story has some kind of impact, even if the author didn’t intended it to be like that.
But I think some books just don’t have an important enough message to stick in your head for a longer time. For me, it has to be a really really good story so I get affected by it for a longer time and keep the moral of the story in my head

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Literature is powerful.

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Literature is important but the way most educations approach it, makes it hard for young people to enjoy it. (in fact my whole insecurity started because I couldn’t keep up with the level of reading and school not supporting it well enough)