January Writing Competition (2021)

Hello @Writers @WattpadWizards!

Welcome to this month’s Writing Competition.

Unlike usual I will be judging this month’s writing competition, next month the panel of judges will be reinstated; a new panel of judges from this year’s winners so far. Submissions will be graded with this rubric.

Without further ado, the theme for this month is…

Man vs Society

‘Man vs society’ (or, rather, person vs society) is a conflict authors often use to explore society and culture. It explores the ways individual people’s deeds, beliefs and desires contradict the social mores surrounding them.

You have until the 2021-02-11T06:00:00Z There’s an 800-6000 word limit to that everyone must adhere to or risk penalization. Other than this, the only other rules to be followed are listed below.


  • Please state below if you’re going to participate in the contest, and submit your writing submission in a timely manner!

  • Your entry must be an original. It’s sad that I have to say this but please let all your work be original. All entries are going to be checked by me, @kalon to avoid plagiarism. If it so happens that we find anything that matches your work by 85%, you will be disqualified and won’t be able to participate in the next month’s competition.

  • Every user is limited to one entry.

  • Stay within the word limit. Please let your work be above 800 words but no more than 6000 words.


  • Writer of the month badge
  • A shout out on our Instagram
  • The honour of coming up with the next theme and joining our judges for February.
I would like reminders to submit on time
  • Yes

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I think I’ll be participating! I already have a story that seems to match this!

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A society in the real world or could it be a fictional one? (I assume a real one but I’m checking)

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Could be either!

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Wait, so is the word limit 5000 or 6000?


It’s 6000 (: thanks for catching that mistake!

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Alright, thank you! ^^

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Oh! Interesting… okay! I’m going try to participate, it sounds fun- And it’ll definitely be useful to find out my capabilities
Anyways, Remember to stay hydrated

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