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Team 1: A, N -2
Team 2: B, O -3
Team 3: C, P -3
Team 4: D, Q -2
Team 5: E, R -3
Team 6: F, S -3
Team 7: G, T -3
Team 8: H, U -3
Team 9: I, V -3
Team 10: J, W -3
Team 11: K, X -3
Team 12: L, Y -3
Team 13: M, Z -3

The building is laid out on three floors , plus a mezzanine: entrance to the ground floor is accessed from the garden through a passageway under the external steps; the upper floors can be reached via four spiral staircases built in the corners of the square where the central hall is inscribed, which serve as supporting pillars for the entire height of the villa.


regional_indicator_a croissants

regional_indicator_b baguettes

regional_indicator_c sweetbreadeyes

regional_indicator_d no bread

regional_indicator_e dry breadeyes

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