Just hit paste!

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&set hsl 0 -100 0 no_colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100%

I was coding haha

“Well they are as much mine as they are yours. Come see them anytime.”

Hahaa ha ha. No.

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who remembers the PSP. How old am I? As old as time?

What’s a psp? Are you a fossil or am I just very young? :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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Playstation Portable :eyes:

Handheld Playstation!

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Oooo :eyes::eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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Amazon.com: LA STICKERS Kermit Meme - Sticker Graphic - Auto, Wall ...

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I was filling in the new discord box in my profile :eyes::eyes::green_heart:


Ah, one of my most recent FH4 pictures

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This song broke the internet

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I was transferring this over from my computer and copied it onto the competition thread :eyes::eyes::green_heart:


I don’t blame ya. He tries to hard to fit in and his refined elegance and calmness can be annoying.

Who did you have in mind to talk to Vivia? Scratch that I want to talk to Vivia