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House of Caesar

Kalopsia Academy is one of the prestigious academies existing since the 1890’s, its creator Walter Henry, a poor man who pulled himself to wealth created the academy with the intent for anyone to make it in life, rich or poor. While initially the school had many moral faults, now in the current year it’s a beautiful, progressive, international school that shines as a beacon of light now in the year of 2020

This coveted academy is infamous for its 4 houses, Caesar, Cleopatra, Pyske, and Quetzalcoatl. House Caesar, it’s oldest and most prestigious house known for the proud athletes of both mind and body, it’s one of the most exclusive houses to be selected for. Named after Julius Caesar this house will take off to a rather rocky start. After news of last year’s event circulates the news,a gas leak that had leaked into the House of Caesar’s wing killed several staff and endagered the whole student body causing them to end school two weeks early and students forced to continue their studies at home. Despite the worldwind of bad press and pressure from the public, Kalopsia Academy, the fixed and renovated Caesar’s wing has returned for the next academic year ready to welcome their new students.

The students within the House of Caesar (and the rest of the houses) return to Kalopsia Academy after a long summer break as rivalrous and excited as ever. As tradition calls, the week back is filled with festivities and competition, including the infamous basketball games, cheer competitions and more. House of Caesar boasts their streaks of wins, however unaccounted events may not only derail their return to school, but also their lives. Kalopsia Academy, having been slapped to Pluto’s door, relies on these students to save them – or else they’re all doomed.

House Ceasar is its crown, House Pyske’s its scepter, House Cleopatra’s jewels, and House Quetzlcoatl is its throne.

very interesting monolouge you should read;

The bloody history of the House of Ceasar is unknown to most except for its alumni. Rome was not built in a day and neither was the house of Ceasar, for it to be such a grandiose and powerful house requires sacrifice. Today the students dominate in both the field of sports and academics, a force to be reckoned with. They are accomplished and respected in their fields and have an unprecedented influence upon the world in all their work.

The shady history of House of Pyske has never truly been a secret. Everyone knows that the snakes of the school openly resided within it, ironic for those that named their house after the goddess of the soul seeing as they had traded theirs. It was created in opposition to the House of Cesar, a decade after Ceasar’s creation. Their own involves selling souls and illegal dealings.

The illustrious history of the House of Cleopatra has always caused them to be one of the school’s most prized possessions but how free are nightingales which are locked in a cage? They create the most beautiful things and are the gem in the school’s crown; however the puppets must never let the master know it’s aware of its strings.

House Quetzlcoatl is the school’s “newest” house. Whatever that means… Perhaps the most “normal” of all the houses. It’s often looked down upon with the least rigorous classes and the least “successful” students by other houses’ standards but still holds all the perks. However, the members seem to know more than the others about what’s going on, be carefulthough, they seem to know almost everything within the school. Dark corridors, secret passageways, discreet tunnels. The “stain” on Kalopsia might soon encompass everything.




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if you have a old character i’d love to put them back up (: the new sign-ups have more questions so i’d have to pm you for the responses but just lmk if you want to reuse your characters. feel free to revamp them if you want to


stolen from @ethereal and her FTD RP
1. Each post must be at least four to five sentences long. This is a semi-advanced roleplay, so some detail is expected. One liners are not allowed. You can always write more than five sentences-there is no maximum to how much you can write (although this forum probably has a limit :joy:)
2. Implied sex is allowed. Someone says this a lot better, but once the clothes come off, fade to black and skip to the end of the scene. You can describe kissing/making out, but you will be flagged if you describe actual sex :sweat_smile:
3. No god modding without permission. God modding is controlling someone else’s character or killing them off without the other person’s permission.
4. Make use of trigger warnings. Put a trigger warning and blur anything that covers a topic that may be sensitive. Make sure to keep topics that are too sensitive out of the roleplay, and if you are including something that may be slightly sensitive, research it properly and keep the scenes minimal.
5. No ORP posts. You may include an ORP (Outside of RP) or OOC (Out of Character) near the end of your RP post, but you may not make a post that only has an ORP message. If you would like to talk to someone about the RP, PM them, or use the sign-ups/chat.
6. If you have cloned a character, add their location. Just so that no one gets confused.
7. Activity levels. You should try to post thrice a week, but let me know if this does not work for you, or you will be absent for a while. Posting more often is encouraged.
8. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus! These characters are characters with no flaws and a perfect personality. They usually are all-powerful and cannot be injured. Make sure your character is detailed and interesting!
9. No two characters can share the same first name or faceclaim. Unless two characters are identical twins, they cannot have the same faceclaim. Only one character per first name (this includes different spellings of the same name).
10. Have fun and be respectful! I love this RP with all of my heart and I want you to enjoy it as much as you can! Make sure to be respectful of others and their opinions, and if there is a disagreement, take it to a private chat.

reserve and creations

Remain Equal with your reserves and submissions
Reserve before you create so I can be aware of the ratio and character number
Sign-up your characters when you can so I can put them in the FCs
DM if you need any help

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i will be using @HouseofCaesar to tag so pls join if you’re not in it <3
this tag also includes weekly tags for motivation and reminders in addition to the daily periodic releases of materials and information

Last day to submit to be in the first sg post : August 29th
Day the RP begins: August 31st
Sign-ups are awlways open ~


ill be bringing back my character


though i wanna change a few things


Okii what was their name



can i keep my characters? i miss my kiddos


Ooh ok then it’s best if you resubmit it to the new form, I can send you the info you sent in for them

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Of course!!
I’ll dm you then bc I added more questions to the form but it’ll be real quick


reserve a character, more specifics once I read enough

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also I don’t think I ever submitted my charas so I’d like to reserve for them again (?)


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welp looks like you deleted the original faceclaim so i dont remember, i’ll make another character


Sounds good~ and I don’t think so either, but I’ll double check!


i’ll reserve one male and one female


I keep all the fcs, I have it it’s just turned off sharing. I can send you your stuff if you want


please do!


I don’t recall your older user so can you tell me what the name was?



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Okey I’m 98% sure I didn’t submit them bless I hoard all my stuff though but I had three characters (2 males 1 female - might change if it’s possible) and I forgot whose reserve I was balancing out should I drop to two?