Keeping a travel journal

When travelling, something that you can do is keep a travel journal! You can write about any cool things you’ve done, new food you’ve tried, anything that caught your eye while walking around, and maybe even some new words you’ve learned if you don’t speak the language of the country you’re visiting!

Do you keep/have you kept a travel journal?
If you have, is it something you always do when travelling? Do you have any tips or fun suggestions for anyone considering keeping one?
If you haven’t, would you want to? Why or why not?


I don’t travel because I’m broke so no :’)

I have only travelled the states in my country so I know three basic languages used in our country. I don’t carry a travel journal but write my experiences in my phone and also click pictures of few monuments and surroundings to remember them and refresh my memory.

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Oooh, I don’t have that but that’s an interesting idea! I might try it but I’ve already been to so many places :sob:

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I have tried to keep a travel journal, but I never really had time to write in it because my vacations were always jam packed with activites. I think I’d prefer to just enjoy my vacation for the short time I’m there and only journal if I have the time

But now I don’t take vacations at all :pensive:

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I usually don’t, but when I moved to Canada (it was a 2 year working holiday visa), I actually filled up my first one and had to get a second one :joy:. I think I gave up at some point during my second year though, lol
It was more just journal-y though rather than travel-specific.
I wouldn’t be good at keeping up a journal while traveling because I probably wouldn’t be able to find time to write in it! :joy:

I always bring my regular diary with me whenever I go on vacation, and since I write down everything I did during the day, what I saw, and what I ate, I guess it serves as a travel journal as well.