Killing Characters Off 101

So it happens that you’ll have to kill off a character. This can be because you don’t have time for the rp, the rp itself isn’t your cup of tea after all, or you have too many. But how do you do it?

  1. Decide which character is best to kill if you have too many.
    There are two things I always take into consideration:
  • Who do I enjoy rping with
  • Who do others enjoy rping with.

If you enjoy rping with a character than it’s easier to continue with them, so pick the one that is often on pause, hasn’t had as much rp time or you just find hard to write replies for. If others enjoy your character but you don’t, then it’s up to you if you want to continue or just find it too hard.

  1. tell the rp host and explain why.
    Don’t be mean but for hosts, it’s often good to know why a character is getting killed off or why someone is leaving the rp. They can use it to improve their rp if they are open for it.

  2. Disappear of big ending.
    You can choose to just end a character off and give no reason. Or you can give a little reason so if you’re in a conversation or had a lot of conversations with characters before, they will have a reason why they can no longer talk to their friend/

  3. Kill of archived
    Sometimes you kill off a character that you liked to rp as. But you kill them off because you have no time or something. Keep in mind you can also archive them or ask the host if it’s possible. Then you can return to the rp whenever you want.

@RPers I hope these tips will help when you’re thinking of killing off a character and if you have other things you do, then please share your wisdom for other users to try.