Kiss kill marry

So the rules are simple: one person stated 3 things, the next person says which one they would kiss, kill or marry. That person then posts a new two things.
(Note the things can be people/users)


Person 1: Shannii, empty fridge and washing machine

Person 2: kiss Shanni kill empty fridge marry washing machine.
Iceberg, the titanic and a mildly cookie

I hope you understand!!

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Plate, cup, @secretz

Kiss secretz, marry cup, KILL plate!
Hanna1, Music, Dancing

Kiss music kill dancing marry @Duckling

:eyes::eyes::eyes: you should have killed me :no_mouth::eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile: and you forgot to add 3 new things :eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile::green_heart:


Nonsense. The world is better with you in it

Okay uhm


nooe :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

Kiss :confused:, marry :smiley_cat:, kill :rofl:

Snow, Rain, Cloud

Marry snow
Kiss cloud
Kill rain

Rubbish bin/trash can, old man and a corpse

Kiss corpse, marry old man, toss trash can
Nessie, Cupcakes, cake

Kiss Nessie, kill cupcakes, marry cake

@ShanniiWrites @ChaoticDeluge and @EmilyJunkie

Kiss ShanniiWrites, marry Callum, kill Emily lol sorry
@Rose, @Eccentric, @chococarmela

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HOW COULD YOU :weary::weary::weary:

Kiss cake, marry cupcake, kill Nessie

@ChaoticDeluge, @SilverKittrn, cake

Kiss chaos, marry cake, kill kittens

Cheese, yoghurt and pyjamas

Kiss pjmamas, marry yoghurt, trash cheese :cheese:
Queen, King, Appentice

Kiss Apprentice Marry Queen and Kill King

Cookies, pancakes, chocolate

Marry pancakes, kiss cookies, kill chocolate :eyes::sparkles:

Telephone, Computer, Tv

kiss computer, marry tv kill telephone

popsicle, keyboard, ice cream

Kiss ice cream, marry keyboard, kill popsicle

Lamp, chair, table :eyes::sparkles:

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Kiss table, marry lamp, kill chair

sunglasses, hat, ring

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Kiss sunglasses, marry hat, kill ring

Door,window,wall :eyes::sparkles:

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