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The sparkling, urban metropolis of Las Levendas may be one of the worst places on Earth to live. Somehow, despite living in a world of magic and fantasy, the citizens of this once-great city have become used to the terrible living conditions of their homes. Warring crime clans tear up the ghetto with their violence and magic-enhanced weapons. The local police force is at odds with a shrinking budget and a growing crime rate.

Then suddenly, just when it seems like things can’t get any worse, people start disappearing. Women are all being lured away or violently kidnapped by… someone. The citizens of Las Levendas must now finally band together to save their city from the forces of dark magic. But will behind-the-scenes corruption destroy the city forever?

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  6. Sex scenes can be implied… but don’t make them detailed.



People who have to finish their characters:


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The first day of December.

Beautiful morning. The sun is peeking out from behind grayish, crowded clouds. Snow is slowly falling to the ground and covering the pedestrian zones with a thin-layered quilt. In the background, Christmas hits are loudly streaming from shop speakers. It’s a picture like from a fairy tale, an authentic idyll. Everyone is supposed to joyful. Grateful, happy. It’s Santa Claus’s time, after all!

But such descriptions only appear in bedtime tales for children or in stories born in our imagination. And Las Levendas was far from being the perfect quintessence of a fairy-tale world. It resembled more of a nightmare than the dream wished upon the star.

Despite this beautiful winter scenery, unheard-of things were happening in the city. People started disappearing, and children stopped coming back home. The residents appeared to be either suspicious of everyone or considered guilty of everything. Each “magician” was called evil, and the one without enchantment skills became a coward. The holiday mood was just a superficial mockery. Instead of love - the hearts of the inhabitants have been filled with hatred. Lack of hope for a better tomorrow was all they had on their minds.

And today’s article didn’t bring them the anticipated good news.

Two young girls disappeared. They vanished like rapidly melting snow.

The first-page read in red letters:


Protesters slowly began to gather in the main square. They screamed in pain with the families of those who had gone lost. No one could stand a reality of ignorance any longer. As the number of snowflakes increased, so did the number of demonstrators.

But what is the police supposed to do when there is no evidence, while there should be more and more of it? What to do when a villain appears to be everywhere and nowhere at once? When with another cry of rebellion, the hope of winning decays?



the cold of winter has arrived in town, visualizing my warm breath in white clouds as I gaze out over the streets from the edge of one of the buildings. People come and go but none of them was worth my attention. as I get bored, I lean forward feeling my weight slowly fall. after a second I turn into a crow and let myself float in the wind over the city, looking for something to entertain me.



While hiding myself deep in my scarf and jacket, I close my shop for a break. I then walk with my hands in my pockets as I push my way through the other people. My eyes fall on the newspaper and I only read the first headline. At least as long as this is going on, business will go up - I just thought. Maybe I should create an ad and pay a little extra for it to be in addition to these articles.

I couldn’t care less about the missing people, I wasn’t scared nor felt threatened or in danger. All I cared about was that as long as people felt scared, they will buy weapons for protection and my numbers go up.



Gothel’s morning stroll in the park was entertaining. She was chasing down birds and grabbing them so that she could sing to them even though they were squirming away. “beautiful wings, can you sing.” She said over and over. After doing that, she decided that she was going to tend to her store. Of course it was decorated beautifully with Christmas decorations, even though she didn’t particularly care for Christmas anymore. Her dress dragged on the cold damp ground and she pushed open the door. Cold damp air flooded her nostrils. She breathed in deeply because she loved the familiar smell. She strolled over to her baking area and started meddling with pots and pans. She wanted to bake her d̶i̶s̶g̶u̶s̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ delicious pastries before c̶u̶s̶t̶o̶m̶e̶r̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶c̶a̶m̶e̶ new customers came to her store. Afterwards, she walked over to the front window to turn the sign over so that it read “Open” Instead of “Closed.” Even though Gothel rarely ever got customers, this routine of her’s made her days enjoyable. Otherwise she would be a bitter old woman ruminating over her past failures. She breathed in deeply and stood behind the counter humming a Christmas toon.





Gaston looked in the mirror one more time, marveling at the sight that stretched out on its surface. The white shirt clung tightly to his body, accentuating every perfectly sculpted muscle. The blue eyes, surrounded by the brown rim, seemed to be even more turquoise, thanks to the loose brown jacket, decorated with burgundy elements. Gaston grinned at his reflection, admiring how his teeth glistened with a pearly glow in the morning sun. Definitely, it was a sight he would never be tired of. Gaston ran his hand through his onyx-black hair, proudly gasping. He was unable to take his eyes off the wonderful hero who was beaming at him from the mirror. The word ‘perfect’ could not even half describe his breathtaking stature. “Nobody deserves you, Gaston,” he whispered to himself as he turned around on the heels of his massive black boots. In front of him was a corridor, unusually beautiful, tastefully decorated, but exuding with the splendor of gold and ruby ​​that appeared from time to time on tall marble walls. The hall was long, but Gaston overcame it with almost three dashing strides. Theatrically, he opened the door at its end and left his villa, immediately meeting the screams and moans of his fans.

Bathed in sunlight, he looked even more magnificent. He enjoyed every second of this ‘show’, savoring every compliment thrown at him as he did every day. “Gaston, you are wonderful!”. “Gaston, why do you have to be with Belle?”. “Gaston, I adore you anyway, and I will always love you!” — were just a few examples. Gaston did not seem to heed those words of recognition. He walked proudly on the route delineated by the crowd, and with his jaw rose high, he let himself be admired in his best appearance. Sometimes, the man reacted to the cries of beautiful ladies with a smile or with a wink. That was enough for the women to pass out at his feet and kiss the ground he stomped on. Such a small and meaningless gesture on Gaston’s part was something spectacular to them. An event they will later tell their friends about, hearing jealous snorts as a response. Ah, how Gaston loved those mornings. With a confident smile on his firm features, he said goodbye to a group of admirers. They were too delighted with his divinity to realize that they should have followed him.

“LeFou, it’s unimaginable!” he cried dramatically with his chocolate baritone. “Christmas is going to happen soon, and I still don’t know what I should give to Belle. This woman is so hard to read. It must be because of those books. We hardly ever talk because she seems to be distracted by them.” He frowned and tightened his jaw, slowly shaking his head. Gaston didn’t just want to give Belle anything. It would be humiliating. His gift had to be something grand and breathtaking. Something that everyone would talk about for the next months! He was contemplating his every idea… but none of them seemed to be good enough. For instance, getting her another novel would be suicidal. He turned his gaze onto his chubby friend. LeFou and Gaston have been companions since childhood, and after their first meeting, LeFou has always been by his side. They met in the city center almost every day (as long as Gaston didn’t have to do his celebrity tasks). They were usually talking about Gaston’s problems, about Gaston’s new plans, about Gaston’s next acting endeavors, and… about Gaston himself. And Gaston saw absolutely nothing wrong with that. He loved their little habit and wouldn’t have traded it for anything else.

Gaston sighed in a desperate and tense tone. He sincerely hoped that his heartfelt companion would give him a piece of advice, even though… the great Gaston needed no help! It was not his fault that Belle was so… secretive. She should be grateful that she has such an amazing husband that he is, and she should not… - he spat on the pavement with disgust. “So, any ideas, Lefou?” he asked.

@angelic ~ Bellerose LeGume ~ mentioned

@Littlefeets ~ Marcel LeFou

Sorry for any mistakes! Please, tell me if I need to change something!

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𝕮𝖔𝖗𝖉𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖆 𝕰𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖔𝖓

Cordelia looked out of the window of her office, adjusting her gloves as she took in the sun’s rays. Today’s a beautiful day, she thought to herself as she looked outside at the people below. She fixed up her black trench coat and fixed her hat, smiling softly. It was winter, her favorite season. The season reminded her of herself, cold, alone, and easily dark. Cordelia watched the snowflakes fall and looked down at her hands, where some parts were still green. She put on her black gloves and started to head out, then took a look at her broomstick. “I guess we should go out for a ride, eh?” she said to herself and slowly took it. “I’m still a wicked witch, after all…” she proudly declared with a smirk as she left her house, hopped up on her broomstick and flew off.


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Location: Beau w/ Mother Gothel

Thei didn’t have shoots or anything today. She had cancelled or postponed them to explore the city a bit. Winter was very close. It had even started snowing last night. She grabbed a neat, grey coat and some knee-high boots. Before heading out, she checked Ares’ room to see if he had come back home. No sight of him. Nothing. All the furniture was collecting dust. She really had to do some cleaning or hire someone, at least.

Sighing, she closed the door to his room and exited her house, a bit frustrated. ‘Where are you, Ari?’ she frowned and started walking. She had reached the main street, which was a bit… over-crowded and loud. It looked like people were protesting against the LLPD. That was a bit sad.

Secretly working with the police was hard. She was trying to be one of the good-bad guys, but the “bad guys” were still suspicious of her loyalty. They didn’t tell her any information at all! But, she still had to try. She wasn’t going to back down until she found her husband. After finding Ares, she would no longer be involved in this. They could move again to a more… pleasant place, perhaps?

Thei decided to take the less-crowded streets. There were many shops and bars, and restaurants, but what stood out to her the most, was a small pastry shop named ‘Beau’. It felt familiar… but how? She walked a bit closer and saw Gothel inside, baking something. Ah… so it her shop! That’s why it seemed familiar.

She decided to go in and talk to her for a while. After all, they both were involved in some business and she had nothing else to do. “Hello Gothel,” she walked in. “I hope you remember me…”


@Kbail ~ Mother Gothel


Location: Bill’s Bar Which Currently Has No Name :smiley:

Mikhael woke up to bright lights and someone singing. “Hm…?” he stretched his arms and looked around and noticed that he was in the bar. Ugh, looks like he had too many drinks and passed out here last night. “Hey, Cole,” he called the bartender, “Can you get me a glass of water? Thanks,”

He got up to see who was singing. Oh, it was Bill. Mikhael had forgotten he had a concert today. “Hey, Bill,” he walked up to him. “Didn’t know you’d be here this early. Isn’t the concert held in the evening?” he asked while straightening his wrinkled shirt.

He grabbed the glass of water that Cole gave and chugged it. “Ugh… I was so wasted last night,” he rolled his eyes and tried to untangle his hair. “Anyway, I didn’t see you here last night. Where were you? I got tired of waiting for you.”


@sunflower.flow ~ Boy Who Didn’t Show Up Last Night :pleading_face:
@randomrper ~ Cole The Bartender

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Archer had his bag slung tight across his body his head down and his computer in tow secured into his bag. He was trying to make sure the cops weren’t following him. He had slipped up for once and he knew they didn’t know it was him but he was paranoid at this point. He headed out of the crowd trying to to make sure he could calm himself down before things had gotten out of control. He turned down an ally way and tried to calm his nerves as he leaned with his back against a wall. Their was a crow that kept coming near the tops of the buildings that surrounded the alley.


As I was flying, saw a perfect alley to change into, but just as I was about to land, a guy hugging his back ran in and hid. I tilted my head to get a better few before flying down. I landed behind him before changing. After all, I didn’t care who knew I could, with a city filled with crows and pigeons, no one would be able to spot who I was.
“You know, if you want to hide, it’s best to do it in a place that doesn’t end in a wire fence,” I said pointing behind me where a wired fence blocked the alley halfway.


Gothel exited the back kitchen, carrying a tray of pastries that hadn’t been sold the day before. That was when she heard the familiar dings of a customer entering her store. A well off young woman walked in. Upon further observing she realized the young woman was Aphrodite.

“Hello Gothel, I hope you remember me…”

"Ah, Of course I remember you darling. How could I forget you " She said with a grin plastered on her face. It was a strange sight to see Aphrodite at her store since she rarely visited, so she was taken aback. Gothel moved from behind the counter to greet her. “Oh my, that coat is gorgeous. May I?” She lightly brushed her hand against the sleeve. "It’s too bad I can’t afford anything close to this. Anyhow, what brings you here today? " She asked.

@elixr - Aphrodite


Their was a sound, it had startled Archer into turning around as he spotted who he assumed was a man change from a crow to a human form. Archer knew that their were people in this town that could do things like that, people who possessed that kind of magic. It took Archer a moment before the fact that the person was even talking hit him with heavy realization. He looked to where the man had motioned and shook his head sighing realizing if the cops had been following him then he would have trapped himself here. “Its a good thing I am simply paranoid and not really running from anyone.” he said as he sat down in the ally way pulling his laptop out and looking at the codes as he tried to make sure he had gone back to hide his tracks. After a few minutes he shut the lid with a little more force than he had intended. “I should be ok now. They shouldn’t be able to track it back to me now I have fixed it. I just hope they didn’t notice it before.” he mumbled to himself as he stuffed his laptop back in his bag and stood up with a sigh.


I tilted my head in amusement as a big grin formed on my face as I listened to the guy mumble, though no one would be able to see with the mask. I leaned against the wall with one shoulder and crossed arms while teying to take sneak a peek of his screen. “Don’t be so sure, this city has eyes and ears everywhere” I warn him to feed his paranoia a little. “So, now I’m curious, what is it that made you run from cops, erase your trachs and hide behind Jimbon’s food house?” I asked, knowing sooner or later somwone would come out dumping that gross food out and make this alley smell even worse than it already does.


He shook his head he knew that the man behind the mask was just trying to get to him. Archer took a few deep breaths as he looked at the man. “I’ve done it before I just a small mistake today is all.” He says as he pulls his bag over his shoulder again. “I’ve avoided the eyes of this city longer than you would think.” Archer shifted on the balls of his feet still obviously still nervous on some level. Archer heard the man’s question and pondered telling him as he leaned on the wall of the alley trying for mock calmness. The answer he came up with even surprised him. “I’ve never had much for a track so there wasnt anything to erase but I’m hiding because I help others… it may not be legal though.” He mumbled the last part under his breath with arms crossed across his chest. The ally smelled no doubt but Archer didnt have much of anywhere else to be.


I tilted my head again. “Why?” I asked as he told me he helped others. “Why help others if you can’t even help yourself get out of this nightmare city?” I asked and leaned closer to the guy. “This city is as corrupted as it gets, not a single person here deserves help, nor will they ever return it. Why use your skills for the benefit of others when all they will ever do is betray and hurt for their own personal gain as a return. You can be good all your life, but in the end, those who dare to be corrupt will always stand above the others” I said clenching my fist.


He thought over his answer to a question like that. “Come with me I’ll show you why.” Archer walked to the edge if the alley and peeked his head out looking both directions before stepping out into the crowd then looking back to the man. His intention was to show the man why he did what he did. Show him the orphanage that he had grown in. “Are you coming?” Archer smirked as he kept his eyes trained on the other man. He didnt know what about this man didn’t scare him, what about this man made him feel like he could tell him what he did, why he felt like this guy would never hurt him or turn him in for what he did.


I shook my head and stayed in the shadow of the alley. “Not like this, I won’t. You just walk, I can follow” I said with a sarcastic chuckle and turned back into a crow. I had enough of people staring and looking at me, even stupid punks who would try to take off his mask. This guy intrigued me. Most people are gone within seconds as they see me, calling me a freak and whatnot. So I didn’t have much human contact and any type of neutral or slight positive interaction would feed my interest.



Giggly juice, really?” it was the fourth or fifth bar in which Bill desperately tried to find a job. He had experienced years of unemployment many times during his lifetime, but never before has it been so difficult for him to find a music profession! With a slight resignation, he went inside, meeting the dense odor of oak wood. The bar, as Bill expected from the name, tried to resemble those from the 1930s. Despite how hopeless it managed to convey the richness of those times, Bill, for the first time, felt
at home.

He didn’t even have to sing! His clothes and New Orleans accent were enough to make the owner, a scary woman, give him this job. Or maybe it was due to a long-term lack of employees? The bar didn’t seem to be very successful. Dusty shelves with very few cheap-looking liquors. One bartender, no waiters, and… zero clients. Something was wrong here.

The next evening, Bill was going to play a concert here, right away. Surprisingly, it was supposed to be a Christmas performance, although tomorrow was only December 1st. And Bill couldn’t wait to show everyone his jazz skills. All night he was preparing a list of songs he was going to perform. He had to write music and words from memory… but in the end, due to his lazy nature, he fell asleep over his unfinished notes.

Late. The first day of work, and he was already late. He’d only been living here for two months…, but he had already noticed that everyone was on time - perfect to every single second. As if they were walking clocks themselves. As stiff and annoying as them. Especially his new boss, a scary woman. On the threshold, she greeted him, wincing as if she had just eaten the sourest lemon in the world.

“You’re lucky you’re cute and cheap,” she said, pressing a stack of pages to his chest. Those were music notes…? But, Bill prepared them… well, new times, new rules.

He apologized and went inside, heading toward the main stage.

“Hi… erm… Cole, right? And…?” Bill bent down to see who was hiding under the storm of hair lying tiredly on the counter. “Mikhael?” he shot in the dark only after saying the name, realizing it was indeed Mikhael. He didn’t know why, but looking at the man, he felt as if he had forgotten something. However, no door in his mind wanted to open and enlighten him. He concluded that it was clearly not important enough to waste his time.

He scanned the notes given to him. “Have a Cheeky Christmas, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Santa tell me… What 's 'dis cr*p?”

He looked around for the owner. She had been standing in the dark corner the whole time, watching his every move - like a lion waiting for its prey to make a mistake.

“Sorry, but I’ve never heard those songs…” noticing her suspicious and surprised reaction, he quickly saved himself from this awkward situation “…in an old-fashioned gin mill like this one.” Bill sighed, before continuing, “Shouldn’t there be some… jazz 'ere?” he asked, making a “jazzy hands” dance-move to get his point across.

The woman rolled her eyes. “It’s supposed to be fashionable here, sweetheart. It’s not my fault I can’t afford to renovate this godforsaken hole. As you may have noticed, we are not the town’s hotspot, and we have to catch up with the competition." She directed her little, mouse eyes towards the notes squeezed in Bill’s hands. “This is the only way we can make money and gain young rich fellows to come here. Do you understand, pumpkin? "

Bill nodded uncertainly. “Perhaps if the music and the decor were consistent, guests would start coming here,” he muttered under his breath.

“Did you say something, kitty boy?”

“No, I wouldn’t dare to!” Bill reacted quickly, raising his hands defensively. “I’m already getting to work.” The woman smirked as she guided her stick-like legs towards the backdoor. Even before she closed the door, she gave Bill a sinister look, then finally disappeared from the man’s sight. Bill breathed out a sigh of relief. He didn’t care what that horrible woman had to say. He will play the songs that he has chosen himself.

He began to relax his vocal cords by singing a few simple warm-up songs. His exercises were interrupted by a voice he knew well. “Hey Mikhael!” he turned to him, smiling. The man looked… like he was having a really good time yesterday. Maybe too good. Bill was terribly amused by his sluggish mood and elegant-differently appearance, and he tried to cover up his stiff laughter with a short grunt. “I had to come for a rehearsal, but I still managed to be a few minutes late.” He explained jokingly.

“What about yo- oh…” Bill nodded, now remembering what he forgot about yesterday. He and Mikhael were supposed to meet here to “check out” the place. Obviously, Bill was too focused on the songs he thought he had to prepare. “I’m sorry, Mikhael. I was swamped with work. Which didn’t matter anyway, cause I would ‘ave ta sin’ 'dis bulls*it!” he scrambled the papers even more. “I probably won’t do it anyway,” he whispered with a significant wink.

“But… ya seem like ya had a great time without me.” Bill cockily raised his eyebrow. “Anythin’ interestin’ happened in 'dis godforsaken hole?”

@elixr ~ Mikhael Braun (btw, I love the way you tag people, ahha)

I hope it’s not absolutely awful! :grinning:
And sorry that it’s so long, sorry that it has maaaaany (probably) mistakes, and sorry that it’s not funny!

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Archer nodded understanding as he changed back into a bird. He walked weaving through the crowd head down until Archer got to the small orphanage on the edge of town. That was the first time he looked up and he was still their. Still was the man flying in bird form above his head. He didnt know why but the sight brought a smile to his face as he came to a stop in the open yard of the orphanage. “We are here.” Archer called as he waited for the crow man. He looked over the ramshackle yet familiar place. It was all so familiar for him. He debated walking to the door being let in by someone. No one would question that he was visiting it was an often occurrence. However Archer faught the urge and waited for the man in crow form to return to a human shape near him.