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'Well maybe we can find somewhere that is kind or reminiscent of there." I say as I kiss his head. I could tell he was glad I was holding him how I was so his ribs wouldn’t be in as much pain as they could be. I tried to keep his body from shifting too much as the bus stopped but I could tell the hard stop still hurt him. “Yeah lets go enjoy the weather I guess.” I say as I chuckle and get up as I head towards the park. “Yes I would like hot chocolate first. I am honestly already cold.” I say as I shake my head. I hold his hand and smile as we walk. “You are mine too though Gen.”


I shook my head. “No need, I want to make new memories with you, not blend old ones together,” I tell him as we walked out of the bus. “Those are memories from my past, one of the very few good ones. So instead of trying to make those precious memories something from the present, I rather make new memories with you that I can add to the list of good memories.” I explain with a smile as I squeeze his hand as we walked into a cabin with a little cafe. it was a logged cabin with a lumberjack-themed Interieur. It has a cosy atmosphere as well.

We walked to a little couch near a fireplace where we ordered two hot chocolates and we started talking again as we waited. “Can I be honest, it may sound weird, but I like these cosy type of cabin style cafe’s more than the modern or retro things” I said as I looked around.

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ANA Ana Ana

Ana had only been gently teasing him and so his reaction—the blush, the lack of eye contact, all gestures that indicated embarrassment—surprised her. “It’s not a bad thing,” she said, her head cocking slightly, similar to how one of the birds regarded her, as she peered at him. “I think it’s quite adorable, actually, how you’ve adopted some park pigeons/dove/I’mnotreallysurewhichbirdstheyaresojustpretendIputthecorrectbreedhere.” A small smile stretched across her face. “I’m sure they love having someone to look after them.”

Kim didn’t seem to appreciate her offer of her sister fixing him, which also came as a surprise to her, because she thought it had been a fairly generous offer. Like. Who offered free healthcare to a stranger? “What I said,” she replied to him, her eyebrow rising some. “That she’ll fix it for you.” Ana ran the words through her mind, but it sounded normal to her—she couldn’t figure out the particular fragment that had bothered Kim so. She didn’t enjoy that feeling of not knowing, and it wasn’t one that she encountered often, but she was genuinely puzzled by the error she had committed. “But I do have to,” she insisted. “It’s really the least I can do, considering all of the trouble I’ve caused you.” Ana’s lips pursed, as she paused to take in the aftermath of her no football talents on his forehead. She returned to walking a few moments later, her high-heeled boots clacking against the pavement with every step. “It’s no big deal, Kim, really. And, you will find that I do not take no for an answer,” she added with a dazzling smile.

His blank expression to her declaration of his new name was received by her to much amusement. He looked at her and she looked back, her impish grin widening with every second that passed in his utterly perplexed silence. When he finally responded, his awkward response made her giggle, a genuine smile playing at her lips. “Really?” She squinted at him before giving him a laughing shrug. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it—and I’ll probably give you dozens of nicknames anyway.” Anastasia could certainly tell that he was being polite, but she had made it a personal mission of hers to befriend him if seducing him wasn’t an option, and she definitely wasn’t going to make it easy for him to brush her off. Her slender eyebrows knitted close together at his latter statement, and she blinked blankly at him. “I mean, maybe. But. They usually have ulterior motives, whether upfront or hidden ones I find out about later. You seem kind of… genuine about it?” She paused in her speech, her eyes briefly flicking his way. “A ‘what you see is what you get’ sort of attitude, you know? I’m not… used to that.”

Anastasia had come to expect many things in conversation with him, but none of these expectations included Kim cracking a joke after she introduced herself. Quite frankly, she had been beginning to think he was not capable of humour. And even, the way he had joked could’ve been missed easily, as it’s not like he indicated his intentions with a smile of any sort. But alas! A joke it was, and not a second too late in Ana’s mind. Her lips spread into a grin, and she laughed, eyes sparkling. “Yes, sure. Angelic Ally, at your service. Ooh, could also go by AA—like batteries? AA batteries?” A smug smile pressed against her lips. “I think that’s not too bad, no?”

In all honesty, the likelihood of Elise getting herself kidnapped was low and a lot of her didn’t believe the words she’d said… but also, there was a part of her that did. Elise was the only family she had left, and when it came down to it, she truly did love her. There was a moment in her facade that it stopped being a facade, and her heart actually twisted at the thought of losing her big sister. For a long time now, they’d been a team, supporting each other through all of their shared experiences… losing that would be like losing a part of herself. Kim’s hand on her shoulder broke her out of her thoughts, and she turned to him, her eyes shining with unshed tears. At first, his words offered no comfort to her as they seemed as standard as talk about the weather, but then she caught the emotion in his tone. Maybe he knew from personal experience.

She paused, looking down briefly. “No worse pain…” she repeated. The only loved one she had lost was her mother, but even that loss was relative in its grief. The fact of the matter was that her mother was not a good person—but she was her mother. Was losing her the worse pain in the world? Well, no; Ana was more grieved a few weeks later when she spilled acrylic paint on her new heels. But if she lost Elise… she had a feeling that it would be just as Kim had described. “Yeah. I couldn’t… I couldn’t deal with that. Without her, I’d be alone, really alone. I can’t even imagine… what that would be like.”

Anastasia inhaled sharply, smoothing the wrinkles on her coat. “I guess I should know that the police are working as diligently as ever. I just hope it’s solved soon so we can all move past this.” Maybe Las Levendas would never be a completely safe place, and she knew that there would still be unspeakable crimes that happened in the dark alleyways more than anyone, but this constant reminder of a threat (as well as the heightened paranoia and police presence) would definitely not be something she’d miss.

Sadness and anger were closely related emotions to her, so the switch from the grief-filled mood to this more fiery one wasn’t an abrupt one in her mind. Even so, it was like a switch had been flipped inside her; the way his expression had withdrawn in shame had cut her to her core, and she’d be damned if she just let anyone be belittled like that.

Holding a metal hand was definitely a first for her, but it wasn’t an entirely unpleasant experience. It was cold, much cooler than a regular human hand, but it really wasn’t all that different. Nothing to be ashamed of for certain. She told him so, the words pouring out of her mouth as she gripped the prosthetic tightly.

Her sister had been broken, she knew, her soul fractured by the sharp words of their peers and their mother… they both had been, really. Not that this was something either two would admit, no, but that prolonged treatment did take its toll on a person, on anyone. Maybe Kim had been broken too—she didn’t know his story, but she was incredibly sympathetic to anyone who found themselves a victim of anothers’ cruel taunts, especially if they seemed affected by it.

“Used to?” She repeated, wanting to clarify the use of past tense. “But she’s a smart woman then, because she’s right.” Anastasia hadn’t known that he was married, but she took this revelation in stride, not seeming the least bit surprised. “Your hand is beautiful, Kim,” she said, her eyes flicking down to gaze at it at his side, their hands long separated by now. “I mean, who can say that their hand was made especially for them? So f*ck every single f*cking person who thinks otherwise.”

One of the rats turned towards them, interrupted her gorgeous self-esteem speech to ask an obnoxious little question from his obnoxious little mouth—deep breaths, Anastasia, she told herself, her face clearing into a placid little smile. “Right, let’s get going then,” she said brightly, taking the lead of the pack.

Several minutes later, they were at the storefront, the word Rosemary’s printed in big bold letters near the top of the front. Ivy grew up the sides of the building, giving it something of a rustic feel. Ana pushed through the doors without hesitation, Elise looking up from whatever she was doing to greet her sunnily deposition with a frown. “You’re late,” Elise said, piercing blue eyes watching Ana make her way over to the cashier’s table. “What took you-”

“Yeah yeah sorry sorry, but I brought friends,” she said, gesturing behind her as Kim and the boyz trailed in behind her. Elise’s frown pinched slightly downwards at the sight of the children, a soft exhale pushing through her lips. “I need you to magic up a ball,” Ana continued on, her voice low. “I’ll explain later but please E? I’ll make it up to you.”

The beginnings of a ‘no’ was beginning to form on Elise’s lips, and Ana caught that, and so she barrelled on: “Also, he’s a cop and I’d like for him to think of us as good storeowners y’know?” Elise took this information in with an eye twitch, and turned to the back of the store without a further word, disappearing through purple curtains. A triumphant smile split across Anastacia’s face, and she called out her thanks after her sister’s retreating back. She knew though that Elise would not be happy that Ana had brought a police officer into her store, and she’d likely hear all about it later, and that she still had to convince Elise to heal Kim, but small victories, yes.

She turned back to the group with a smaller smile, clapping her hands together. “Yeah, she’ll go get it,” she said, leaning against the table. Her eyes trailed across the store, taking in the shelves filled with remedies and potions, then looked back at the boys, who were likely as curious as they were annoying. “Boys, don’t touch anything you might like- turn into snakes or something, so yeah just be careful.” She wasn’t even exaggerating, but maybe she’d be lucky enough that they would think she was and actually turn into snakes—that would be a very positive turn of events. The store was on the smaller side, so she was mostly worried that they’d wreck the store, cause jars to tumble to the ground and just make a mess of things. Elise would be so p!ssed, and that would definitely not be a good thing for the police officer to see.

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I nod I understood what he meant I wanted new and special memories that were just ours too. The old memories were just that memories but I wanted to live with him and experience life with him. I wrapped my arm around him I wanted him to know I understood. “I get it. I have memories like that too. And I want all kinds or good memories with you, More than you can even dream up right now.” I say as I smile big at him. I was happy to have him and honestly that was all that mattered to me. I smiled giggling as we walked into the little cabin it was silly but cute and warm. “The them is ironically cute.” I say as I look the place over and find us a seat. But it seemed Gen found us a place to sit first a place I liked much better. The fire was warm and I sat on the floor close to it with my back resting on the couch where your legs would usually be. “I do too they are cozy and I always like the silly little themes and gimmicks that they have they make me smile.” I say as I jokingly finger gun a lumberjack statue.

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Belle Legume
~ Present Day ~

Her thoughts were bouncing all over the place, scattering in every direction if felt like. From the problems that caused the problems she faces everyday. Oh, and the constant worries are a plus too. This was a much needed drink for her in a much calmer environment than her husband’s place. A person she doesn’t want to think about right now. So she quickly brushed any thoughts- mostly negative as of right now- under the rug. Glancing up from her drink she noticed him start to smile at her. Cute. Just as she spoke he name, the microphone went haywire with a loud shriek that hurt her ears. Making her pull away slightly.

A few seconds later, he appeared back in the center of the stage. One thing she was not expecting we people to start getting up to slow dance with each other. Oh… now this was awkward as she was now really the only one in her seat. Instead of letting it bother her, she leaned back in her chair to focus on the music playing with her hair falling behind her shoulders. Slowly she finished her drink as he sung. It was an unexpected song. Much less modern, but much more interesting than she expected.

All of a sudden, he reached out his hand for her and she put hers gently in his. This little gesture sent butterflies flowing. She nodded confidently, the drink bringing her confidence back up. “Yes you may,” A sweet smile appearing. Small, but there.

@sunflower.flow ~ Bill

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Aphro scrunched her eyebrows and made a face when he gulped down the wine. She would gag if not for his presence. “Erm, yes, it’s not that bad…” She turned away from him, trying to get what he did out of her mind. Keeping the glass away, she glanced at him.“You have a… peculiar way of drinking wine,” Her voice was soft and almost inaudible. She picked her words carefully as to avoid making him mad. She hated it, but she had to (I made it sound like she’s a slave, lmao-). “Not that it is…” Aphro paused for a while before continuing, “…bad, but we don’t want you getting you drunk, do we?” Maybe she would have wanted him to get drunk. Perhaps, it would lead to something more. But she was exhausted and certainly not in the mood to do something more. She brushed the thought off and brought her attention to him.

“Are they better now?” he brought his tongue to his lips and licked them; seductively if you’d ask Aphro. She gulped and tried diverting her attention from him. Oh, what a nice-looking house plant she has. It looked fresh and lively. It seems like Aphro’s maids are taking good care of her plants. Perhaps she should visit her garden. It’d be refreshing to walk along the colourful bed of flowers rather than being in bed, stalking strangers all day. She needed activity, anyway. (The most activity she got was from sauna HAHA). That figure of hers isn’t going to maintain itself. Aphro had quit going to the gym and hadn’t painted a thing in over two months. That wasn’t like her. Not like her at all! Ever since Ares went missing, everything had become uninteresting to her. All she did was try to impress a narcissistic married man who paid little attention to her.

Aphro knew she was exhausted. She felt like she would doze off the moment her eyes closed. Letting out a yawn, she grabbed her blankets and tugged them over her and Gaston. She wrapped a hand around Gaston’s waist and pulled him to bed, snuggling closer to him. Aphro slipped her hand inside his shirt and slowly stroked his hard, muscly chest. “I’m guessing you don’t want to head home right now…” she rested her head on his broad shoulder. “…not after your little fight with Belle.” It took a moment for her to realise what she had said, but she was too weary to care right now. What’s the worst he could do? Scream at her? Hit her? No, he wouldn’t do that… Not for such a small matter.

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I chuckle and grabbed his finger as he shot the finger gun. “Yeah, but that’s not the only silly thing that makes me smile,” I said and sat next to him where our shoulders touch. “The past is in the past, as amazing or cursed as they may be, we can’t change it, but we can decide what we make our future memories,” I said and hugged him from the side. “That is…if you want to” I added with a smile before looking outside. “Though that means you’ll have to deal with the cold today,” I said.

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I giggle when he grabs my fingers “What do you mean that isn’t the only silly thing that makes you smile?” I ask as I look up at him my eyebrow quirked upward in confusion. I smiled when he moved to sit on the floor next to the fire with me. “I agree the past is what it is and I do want a future and our own memories.” I say as I lean my head on his shoulder while he side hugged me. “I definitely want to Gen never think that I dont ok.” I say as I smile at him and play with his hair. I catch him looking outside and I smile I knew he was thinking something up. “What are you planing Gen?”

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I chuckled and rolled my eyes as I took the hand that he used to play with my hair. “I mean you silly” I said with a chuckle.

I smiled as he told me he also wanted to make memories with me. “I won’t but that doesn’t mean I don’t like hearing you say it” I saod before I gave hime a quixk pack on his cheek. “You’ll see, but fist let’s enjoy the hot chocolate” I suggested.

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I giggle when he says I make him laugh. “Im make you laugh. Well that is good to know my humor isn’t waisted.” I say as I giggle and lay my head on his lap.

I was glad that he wanted to make memories too because that meant a lot to me. “Well I like to say it so it well that and I love you so I dont think I am going to stop any time soon.” I say as I smile and kiss his cheek back. “Ok good let me enjoy the warmth of the coco and the fire a little longer first Gen.”

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Arthur shook his head. The girl’s proposal, although noble, did not appeal to him. He was against any unproven voluntary emergency doctor tending to him. “You really don’t have to do that,” he tried to make his voice sound confident and strict. Years of practice in questioning people allowed him to master this art to perfection. “I am kinda busy, so I probably don’t even have time to say for too long. However, thank you for the offer."

Arthur never had a way with young people. He didn’t understand them, and he often seemed to be the destroyer of fun - a wet blanket, if you will. The man could not adapt to new trends or rapidly changing fashion. That was why he was so surprised by the girl’s behavior. She was laughing as if amused by his answer. Arthur didn’t see anything funny about it. “I don’t think I’ll get used to this peculiar nickname,” he stated bitterly. Anastasia seemed to want to get to know him better. Already, it seemed as if she thought they would meet more often. Arthur didn’t want to be harsh, so the man ignored this assumption. He knew this meeting was their first and last. He had already had enough nicknames under his belt.

The past and people we had met define who we became. Undeniably, his new ‘friend’ seemed surprised by his kindness. Arthur, best of all, knew that the world wasn’t a bed of roses filled with bubblegum and cotton candy. He remembered many people who lost their direction, wasted their purpose, forgot themselves. They often committed shameful deeds for a specific goal. Sometimes, those reasons were mundane. However, others perceived their sinful actions as pure - entering the divine sphere of the sacred. ‘They are equal and more equal’ - that was their mantra. Arthur acknowledged, however, that there were not only lost people in the world. There were also those with genuine and good intentions. Strangely, Anastasia didn’t expect the worst of him. “I think there are many who do not look for any personal interest in their acts.” He said, smiling gently. He wasn’t going to ask what she specifically meant when she said she wasn’t used to people being polite. They weren’t at the police station, and besides, he already knew enough. At this point, he didn’t seem to need to understand more about her.

The girl laughed, and Arthur’s heart felt lighter. The joke worked - that meant, that he was not as anti-social as he thought he was. His interlocutor continued cheerfully - she was full of energy… which was maybe even contagious - however, Arthur did not seem to be affected by it. She stated that the ‘AA’ could also apply to batteries of this type. This actually would suit her energizing personality more - it could “charge” a person with optimism. Arthur joked - although it sounded like the bitter statement again, “Or AA for Alcoholic Anonymous.”

Arthur knew Anastasia was performing. She was a skilled actress. A budding policeman would believe her every word; Arthur, however, was skeptical. He took every word she said with a slight dose of uncertainty. Charming characters like her often hid poisoned secrets. In addition, he already knew that she was associated with magic shenanigans - another reason not to trust her. Unfortunately, despite her puzzling behavior, charms, and those deep pockets of hers, Arthur had no reason to suspect her of the worst. He was on the same team as her and played according to her rules. The man was pretending to be completely charmed by her intriguing person. Despite this, her façade fell - for a moment, for a second. Everyone had a weak point, their Achilles heel. In the case of Anastasia, it was her sister. The girl wilted; real tears filled her eyes. Arthur earned her trust, and she opened the veil of a hidden part of herself. It was not quite a success in the sense of knowing all her secrets, but it was certainly a small step towards discovering them. The man was silent, listening to her pained voice. The girl wouldn’t recover from the loss of her sister. Though Arthur had mixed feelings about her, the girl was still remarkably young. She may have been just over 20… losing her big sister (Arthur concluded she must have been older) would cause terrible pain. Scary… it was like losing a part of oneself. Arthur just nodded sadly, not entering into further discussion. By asking too many questions, he could lose her trust forever. And who knew … maybe the girl would be useful one day? Perhaps she acknowledged something about the disappearances, or she could recognize a person who could be responsible for them? Who knew if she wasn’t an amateur detective like Poirot? Arthur preferred not to risk and make such a culpable mistake. The silence was gold after all, and in this case, it really was.

Las Levendas was full of secrets hidden in the dark alleys of the city. It was a magical neighborhood with outlines of figures lurking in the shadows of lamps. Each of the residents had a past that they would prefer not to talk about. Arthur watched Anastasia allow herself to calm down. She sniffed the cold winter air. She served him the standard answer he had heard from many residents. He, too, decided to reply to her in the same way. The same he had answered to all those who held to hope. “We believe that thanks to our hard work, we will be able to maintain order and peace in Las Levendas.”

A big gulp got stuck in his throat; he tried to swallow it. Warm saliva clung to his palate. He rarely experienced such sincere compassion from someone. His healthy hand began to sweat, sticky water ran down the sleeve of his jacket. The girl’s words, though pleasant to the ears, made him even more anxious. Though the distance between them practically decreased, Arthur wanted to get away from her as soon as possible. Go back to his depths, distant from the outside world. And just wither.

The cold metal hand did not feel the warmth of the palm in which hot blood was flowing. Just like Arthur, it was deprived and numb to someone else’s goodness. He smiled sluggishly, trying to hide his embarrassment.

Anastasia stated that his wife was an intelligent woman. Though she didn’t know her, she was right. She was smart. Arthur had already cried out all the tears after her death (it didn’t mean that the sadness had vanished). However, the way Anastasia spoke of her as if she still was a living person made his heart twist. It contracted, making silent sounds of beating. “She was bright,” Arthur corrected her. He gripped the candle in his hand even tighter.

I mean, who can say that their hand was made especially for them?” Anastasia continued passionately. “So f*ck every single f*cking person who thinks otherwise.

Arthur let out an amused huff. It disappeared in the form of a tiny puff of steam. “Thank you,” he whispered. “But watch your language. I understand young people have to swear to express themselves, and it’s not my business, but … now, you are in the presence of little prone to everything, kids.” He glanced at the gang of young boys who stood extremely close to them. They pretended they were doing something else. One was kicking a pebble with interest, the other was watching the snow falling… but Arthur knew they were eavesdropping. “You need to set a good example for them. Maybe there is still hope for them." He stated, although looking at their behavior and ‘eloquent’ statements, their efforts would go to waste. Hope was the mother of fools.

Anastasia clearly agreed with his unspoken assumption. She had to take a deep breath to calm herself. The boys did not mind the fact that their actions annoyed them both. On the contrary, they chuckled between themselves every time Arthur had to count to five not to say what he might have regretted later. Fortunately, as soon as they set off, the children turned into meek little angels. They stayed close to them and didn’t even ask 'how much farther, which was quite a phenomenon. They were very focused on the ball, one wrong move, and they might lose the opportunity to get it.

Arthur did not know the limit of this childlike patience. He did not have to think about it because, after a few minutes, they were standing on the threshold of the store. The building was small, covered in twisting ivy. It seemed a bit run-down because of it, but maybe it was in vogue now? After all, perfection can overwhelm you. The flaws of something else lifted people up. Terrible but true.

After a while, they were inside. Anastasia moved steadily towards the counter - a black-haired girl stood behind it. She was not much older than her sister. Even though they clearly differed in style of clothing, posture, and appearance (at least at first glance), Arthur could not deny that they were related to each other. They had the same sparkle in their eyes, the same self-confident aura.

He looked around the room. The shelves bent with the number of vials and glasses full of all kinds of potions; Arthur felt a little claustrophobic, overwhelmed by the number of products. Little fluff of grey dust tickled his nostrils. At least the boys liked it here. They watched everything from afar, despite the girl’s warning. However, they did not touch anything.

Arthur hadn’t had to think about it for long. He knew he was not welcome here. Elise did not hide her annoyance at his presence. The man could check why. He could talk to the sisters, find out what they were hiding. However, at this moment, he had no way of doing it. Not with a few pairs of tiny eyes watching him.

"Well. I guess it’s all under control now,” the man noted. “I will not be needed anymore. Once again, it’s okay, and thank you for your words of encouragement.” He directed his eyes towards the red-haired girl. Despite her sister’s vivid anger, she remained calm. Although she would definitely be reprimanded for bringing unwelcome people to their shop. “It was nice to meet you. Goodbye!” he bowed by slightly tilting his head.

He left quickly, hoping that the girl wouldn’t run after him to stop him. He wished they would never meet again, but something in his soul told him those were only comforting delusions.

@unsungcheerio ~ Anastasia Tremaine

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She watched him with her brown pupils. They followed his every move. Bill felt his heart pounding madly every time they made eye contact. He didn’t want their meeting to end after just a few words, a few smiles, and a few rubs of the shoulder. The man hoped this beautiful, warm-hearted person felt the same. He believed that she, too, wanted to develop and explore this relationship. However, the decisions of mysterious and unreadable women are unknown.

His cheeks reddened when she grabbed his hand. With a sweet voice, she agreed to dance with him, and her smile melted on her face like milk chocolate. Bill’s grin was much more noticeable than hers. He made no effort to hide his visible joy.

He helped her get on stage. He placed his hand gently on her slender waist. They swayed slowly, making little dynamic spins from time to time. He watched her with a dreamy half-smile. This moment could last forever, but… unfortunately, the short piano solo had to end (although the bar musician extended it by a few lines anyway). Bill released the girl from his arms, came closer to the microphone, and sang the final verse. Intentionally modifying its text:

So, don’t forget we met dear; Why this beginning must end?” he sighed, glancing briefly at his dancing partner. “After I’ve called you sweetheart; How can I call you a friend?" Bill waited a few minutes, letting the last note echo. Its final sound filled the room, slowly dissolving into the spotlights, glasses of cognac, and soft armchairs. The room began to clap. Bill bowed timidly and also began applauding this unusual, brave guest.

Soon, the guests calmed down. Bill was taking a break now. The pianist played a composition that did not require vocal accompaniment. “So… are you one of those one-time visitors or those who stay permanently?” he timidly asked the women. His eyes were focused on the floor. He swayed nervously on his moccasins (which definitely needed polishing), his hands tucked deep in his pockets. “We serve splendid drinks. It’s worth trying all of them. It can’t be done in one day, though…” he smiled calmly. “I mean… a person with common sense wouldn’t try that, at least.” He laughed lightly.

@angelic ~ Belle LeGume

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I smiled at him. “Of course you do, I may not express it as openly, but you really do” I tell him as I stroked his hair while his head was on my lap.

“I’m glad to hear it” I said with a smile. “Because I can’t get enough of you right now” I added and gave him a soft peck on his forehead in return before hearing someone clear his throat. “Two hot chocolate?” A girl asked while looking at us with a raised eyebrow. “Yes thanks” I said with a tone that said; you can go now. but she kept on staring. “Oh leave those two alone Susy, they are cute” I heard another girl say as she pushed her collegue away and gave us a friendly smile.

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Previous day ~ December 2nd

Gaston rolled his eyes and grunted in response. "Oh, come on. I’m tired. I needed alcohol, ”he explained grumpily. She shouldn’t have judged him, especially since she knew his situation (as much as she wanted to know it, to be exact). Gaston was too tired to continue his explanation. At other times, he would be able to enjoy a liqueur in a peaceful, slow manner. However, now all he wanted was to numb his mind as soon as possible. Forget the thoughts that were raging in his head. Turn them into blurry stains of unrecognizable memories. Having a quick glass of wine helped. For a moment, the world had spun before his eyes, and a blissful taste quickly filled his dry throat. Gaston felt much better, though he would have liked to ask for another glass. But he decided it was better not to give Aphro any more reasons for her to wince in disgust. Not that Gaston cared about any of her reactions. At this stage, he knew that no matter what he did, Aphro won’t give up on their nightly excesses. At the moment, this knowledge was sufficient, and he did not expect anything more from her.

Aphro looked away from him, focusing her large eyes on the nearby plant. Embarrassed, she swallowed, trying hard to focus her mind on something else than him. Gaston smiled at her reaction. He liked that she had to do all that to keep herself in control and maintain her posture. He didn’t think about what she was imagining. It was not significant, considering that those must have been quick and sudden thoughts with no specific meaning or purpose. He turned to the side, resting his head on a soft pillow. Her flower was really amazingly beautiful. Gaston stared at its greenish leaves and tiny buds that should turn into lovely blossoms in spring. He doubted if Aphro cared for the plant herself. Someone must have been doing that for her - perhaps her set of maids. The girl was hardly one of the most organized and caring people. If she had to remember to water the plant, the flower would have probably not been here anymore.

Soon they were lying down. Aphro snuggled against his chest. She ran her fingers over the carvings of his muscles. She stated that Gaston would stay the night (as he planned) because he was arguing with his wife. Gaston was glad she started to care about this tragic situation. At least that was how he explained it to himself. She knew the man just wanted to be away from home now. He didn’t answer her. He just squeezed her closer to him, pressing his face against her long black hair. Soon enough, he fell asleep.

@elixr ~ Aphrodite Florakis

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I saw his smile and held his hand tight. That solidified in my mind that I was never letting this man go. He meant so much to me already and the look of joy made me happy. “I know you are not as open about it and its fine I was giving you a hard time anyway Gen.” I say as I cuddle in whelps he plays with my hair.

“Just right now because honestly for me its kind of a constant thing.” I say as I smirk knowing fully well I was being a little bit sarcastic and Gen hadn’t seen much of that side of me yet. I blushed softly when he kissed my forehead but it made me really happy and a Wie grin spread across my face. I sat up some to take my hot chocolate without spilling it. She was staring I could tell Gen was trying to be polite. “Thanks that’s all we needed.” I say as I smile and wave as I hope she walked away but her friend took care of it much to my relief.
@Meekepeek ok just a random question does Genosta have his mask on?

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I smiled as he told me this. “And I appreciate it” I said and then really thought about what I just agreed on. “I mean you understanding I don’t express myself as much, not you giving me a hard time” I said and gave him a little tickle.

“well, as long as you keep doing what you’re doing right now, nothing will change, so it is completely up to you” I told him and waited for him as he was carefully trying to take a sip before softly pushing his hand slightly up so his nose would be dipped into the whipped cream. I let out a suppressed laugher since we were in public. “Sorry, but that’s adorable,” I said chuckling.

I had to think about this one jeez. Okay, he has his mask on, but it’s starting to become transparent, though Gen doesn’t know that.

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Goodbye Las Levendas, we had fun!

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