Las Levendas: REBOOT Signups & Chat!

Oh, right!

I just need to write a few more paragraphs and it’s good to go! I hope, lmao

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Also, I’ll try to put my nice comments about your posts! Some things that surprised me, made me sad or laugh! And all that good stuff!

Would you be down for that?


Ahhh you’re an angel :pleading_face:

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Oh, I know :smiling_imp:

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I encourage you guys to do the same! It’s fun and it makes you feel like you are a part of the story!

And you doesn’t like to read people’s nice reactions on their writing?

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Wait, what? I thought this bar was really popular! What had Mikhael gotten himself into? smh

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Ooops, poor Mikhael! Sorry! It didn’t want Bill to start at the already popular bar. But at the one that’s cheesy and doesn’t know what good marketing means :star_struck:

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Omg :no_mouth:

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She is.

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Really? Aww :pleading_face:


I love how dramatic he is. He’s like: ”f*ck walking” and BOOM! He’s a bird. I can already say that I’ll like this character!

I feel bad for finding it amusing :star_struck:
Nimue has her priorities set up and I respect her for that, hah

It gives me ”Mrs. Lovett’s pies” vibes and I’m not sure who to feel about it :no_mouth:

Oh my post is next, naaaah, we ain’t gonna comment on that :star_struck:

Gaston is a di*khead
Thank you for coming to my TED talk


Again, I love how dramatic this character is! Walking? Nah. Who does that?

Ah, it made me kinda sad. I hope Ares is okay and he’s not cheating on her. Oh, look… what a hypocrite I am :star_struck:

THANK YOU! Someone sympathizing with Arthur (kinda) :sneezing_face:

Oooh, the mystery, the drama :eyes:

I can’t pick one part, I love Mikhael :heart_eyes:

He and Bill will be a powerful duo! :triumph:

DON’T SHIP DON’T SHIP DON’T SHIAAAAAAAAAH! I’m known for shipping my characters with whoever they talk to :star_struck:
This is gonna be fuuuuuuuuun

Oh my, what did he do??? The curiosity is unbearable!

Ha, I love that

This is so Gothel-like to me! I love that! ”Oh, may I kidnap you so I can pet and sing to your perfect coat for the whole eternity, darling?” :star_struck:



Also! AHHHH! What did he do?!



I like this character, hah

I love chaotic good characters! Yay!

Yes! Don’t let him get to you, Archer! Be strong!

Oooh, shivers

This might be a bad idea, Archer. Archer, baby… you should never trust men with goatees and with masks

Ohhh, can I give him a hug? Poor, guy!

Haha, hey Bill!

Okay, moving ooooooon

Bill just wanted to be famous but he didn’t know that I was the one writing his story. MUHAHAHAHA

Ohhh, I wonder what will happen now. What he will show him? Ahhhh, intriguing!

Oh, I adore this line!


I hope you guys liked those and that they made you smile :sneezing_face::pleading_face:


I love this :joy:


“No one can cut off my head with the lit of an crate” :joy:

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Yay! I’m happy!

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I couldn’t resist the comparison.

I’m tempted to keep this part of her. I will do it. And I may or may not ship Bill with Cordelia whnnsnk

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Oh, sure! Keep it! I’m gonna keep some “interesting” traits when it comes to my characters’ redemptions arcs.

AHHHHH! Already? That’s amazing! :pleading_face: :star_struck:
Oh my! Bill has lots of fans and I ship him with EVERYBODY AS WELL! vbdshvhvdzvd

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Either Bill or Arthur, honestly. Bill has a lot of people in line! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Arthur? That was unexpected. But I’m glad someone has ships that involve him, yay! :pleading_face:

Very true. Who will he choose? AH, the suspense!

Btw, can I just say that the fact that out of my three male characters, you chose Bill and Arthur, and not Gaston? Lmao, the irony of it made me laugh. I can’t, haha. I guess he may not be THAT popular after all, tea

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He is kind of a baby like compared to the ages or the others. So naive sometimes

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