Las Levendas: REBOOT Signups & Chat!

Wait, what? I thought this bar was really popular! What had Mikhael gotten himself into? smh

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Ooops, poor Mikhael! Sorry! It didn’t want Bill to start at the already popular bar. But at the one that’s cheesy and doesn’t know what good marketing means :star_struck:

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Omg :no_mouth:

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She is.

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Really? Aww :pleading_face:


I love how dramatic he is. He’s like: ”f*ck walking” and BOOM! He’s a bird. I can already say that I’ll like this character!

I feel bad for finding it amusing :star_struck:
Nimue has her priorities set up and I respect her for that, hah

It gives me ”Mrs. Lovett’s pies” vibes and I’m not sure who to feel about it :no_mouth:

Oh my post is next, naaaah, we ain’t gonna comment on that :star_struck:

Gaston is a di*khead
Thank you for coming to my TED talk


Again, I love how dramatic this character is! Walking? Nah. Who does that?

Ah, it made me kinda sad. I hope Ares is okay and he’s not cheating on her. Oh, look… what a hypocrite I am :star_struck:

THANK YOU! Someone sympathizing with Arthur (kinda) :sneezing_face:

Oooh, the mystery, the drama :eyes:

I can’t pick one part, I love Mikhael :heart_eyes:

He and Bill will be a powerful duo! :triumph:

DON’T SHIP DON’T SHIP DON’T SHIAAAAAAAAAH! I’m known for shipping my characters with whoever they talk to :star_struck:
This is gonna be fuuuuuuuuun

Oh my, what did he do??? The curiosity is unbearable!

Ha, I love that

This is so Gothel-like to me! I love that! ”Oh, may I kidnap you so I can pet and sing to your perfect coat for the whole eternity, darling?” :star_struck:



Also! AHHHH! What did he do?!



I like this character, hah

I love chaotic good characters! Yay!

Yes! Don’t let him get to you, Archer! Be strong!

Oooh, shivers

This might be a bad idea, Archer. Archer, baby… you should never trust men with goatees and with masks

Ohhh, can I give him a hug? Poor, guy!

Haha, hey Bill!

Okay, moving ooooooon

Bill just wanted to be famous but he didn’t know that I was the one writing his story. MUHAHAHAHA

Ohhh, I wonder what will happen now. What he will show him? Ahhhh, intriguing!

Oh, I adore this line!


I hope you guys liked those and that they made you smile :sneezing_face::pleading_face:


I love this :joy:


“No one can cut off my head with the lit of an crate” :joy:

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Yay! I’m happy!

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I couldn’t resist the comparison.

I’m tempted to keep this part of her. I will do it. And I may or may not ship Bill with Cordelia whnnsnk

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Oh, sure! Keep it! I’m gonna keep some “interesting” traits when it comes to my characters’ redemptions arcs.

AHHHHH! Already? That’s amazing! :pleading_face: :star_struck:
Oh my! Bill has lots of fans and I ship him with EVERYBODY AS WELL! vbdshvhvdzvd

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Either Bill or Arthur, honestly. Bill has a lot of people in line! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Arthur? That was unexpected. But I’m glad someone has ships that involve him, yay! :pleading_face:

Very true. Who will he choose? AH, the suspense!

Btw, can I just say that the fact that out of my three male characters, you chose Bill and Arthur, and not Gaston? Lmao, the irony of it made me laugh. I can’t, haha. I guess he may not be THAT popular after all, tea

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He is kind of a baby like compared to the ages or the others. So naive sometimes

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Yup! Arthur, my mannnn.

Questions, questionssss.

Lmao. I certainly didn’t mean to reject poor Gaston. Perhaps Cordelia is too wicked for him (at least right now)

I just can’t wait to begin Cordelia’s redemption arc~ I’ve rarely written them in all my years of RP-ing. Maybe villain-to-hero, or hero-to-villain, but rarely villain-to-semi-villain/antihero.

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Yes! Arthur is my favorite character of mine. I just want to hug him (while I’m also the one who caused all of his problems :star_struck:)


Maybe? Maybe? We don’t know what the future holds!

AHHHH! I know that it’s going to be great! I can’t wait to follow her journey! And kind of be a part of it as well :)))

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Arthur is a kind spirit.

Alrighty, that’s his new name now! :rofl:


Awesomeeee. This should be fun!

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Awww, that’s too cute! I have a soft spot for characters like that!

I’m glad you think so! Ehhh, I really have to post as him, don’t I?

I WANTED TO SAY THAT TOO, HAHAHAHA! Wait, let me do something with his post, wait!

Also, can everybody call him like that from now on? I want some angry Gaston in my writing :star_struck:



I did it lmao :clown_face: