Let’s Discuss High School RPs

Any RPer can admit, high school RPs are common. As much as they are said to often be the same, cliche, and riddled with issues, there’s a reason they’re common. A lot of us are teenagers, so having characters in high school doing stuff that we wouldn’t can be fun. A way to step out of our comfort zone and see something different, while still staying close enough to what we know. Then some high school RPs include a unique spin to make them different from all the others out there.

What are your thoughts on high school RPs?



I actually like them
Even though I’d prefer uni/college so they’re not underage but high school rps are kinda rad
They’re usually filled with drama

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I’ve actually had an idea for an RP where the characters would be in college. I just haven’t gotten the idea worked out yet.

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Yeah I also wanted to make one but I’m pushing it a bit until a radder time

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Yeah, high schools along with other education institutions are common settings of RPs. They’re used so often, but I don’t really have a problem with it. The only problem is, as Cereal have mentioned, you are automatically limited to a certain range of age.

The reason why I have no problems with the latter is because of the different twists, originalities, and hearts our RP owners put into it. Though I noticed there are some similarities, they are still unique and not really repetitive to me in a way :eyes:


I’m in college, so I’d join.

I used to like them when I started RP-ing, and I would still be getting excited for school RPs weren’t it for the relevation all school RPs are the same and even if there are secrets in the plot or superpowers that some have and some don’t, it still transforms into a RP where nothing happens except some teens talking and they all get boring pretty quick. That’s why I don’t join school RPs anymore.

College rps ruin the fun
Idk why, but they do

highschool rps are fun when we only rp outside of school. Otherwise bleh I don’t wanna do algebra that’s too much like real life. But I do like them. Cos college rps are always QuIrKy and CoMiNg oF aGe when highscool rps r just us doing stupid stuff cos teenager tingz. The forum rules are POOP but ig we shouldn’t promote gang violence or whatever, yall just asking me to do pm :smiling_imp:

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I sorta like them. I find the more intricate rps are too much for me and school rps can be more fun than real school. One issue is people not approaching your characters, cliche things, no responses, and them always going inactive.


I’m not a fan of high school RPs or roleplaying as a student because I suffer through that every day that I don’t want to pretend to suffer through it again. T_T Admittedly, though it is common, a school is a fantastic setting for a group of people to be at one place and interacting with each other. Despite my general dislike towards them, I’ll join if my friends made it (I trust they’ll make it a fun experience :3), there’s a twist to them (e.g. the children of fairytale characters, heroes/villains, gods/goddesses), or if the students are away from the high school location most of the time.


they overrated

ngl i can’t exactly connect with typical school RPs or characters (maybe i’m getting too old lmao) “but Cam your fave RP is a school RP” BUT if there’s something that keeps me invested or breaks from the typical school formula, then why not

that said, i’d love an rp with older characters


Same, when I was younger and in high school I used to connect to them more but I’ve even outgrown high school shows.

I feel a bit more disconnected from younger characters (if I make them) now that I’m no longer a minor and feel more comfortable making characters who are 18+ even if they’re in PG RPs.



except for my exousía kiddos, i still connect a ton w them


Well hello added a tag-

i love them

I like them but I don’t like how the classes are often interpreted.
I think college is in those cases better or just do a high school with colleges and big projects. You still have the same vibe but it give more freedom between the classes and how you use them.

I actually like the idea of Sorority high that @sunflower.flow did back on the EF where you had to actually make something or find a song or whatever that was part of an assignment. We went into PM’s and actually did the assignments too…

It was an creative way to keep the classes interesting and interactive

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And @/coco

I don’t usually care much for high school rps, but Blue Royalty definitely takes the cake in the modern-day high schol rps genre frfr, truly a masterpiece that Ella created

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