Let’s talk baby names 👼🏻

  • Do you even want children?
  • Do you have any baby names in mind that you’d want to name your children? (Or children in general if you don’t want any)
  • What’s your opinion on middle/second names?
  • do you have one? Would you give your children one?
  • What matters to you more, liking the name, the meaning, the sound, the backstory?



Yes. I want to have kids one day.

Not really.

I like middle names. I have a middle name, which I personally like. Middle names just add a layer of complexity in deciding the kid’s name, since you have to be careful with their initials and possibilities for being made fun of later on.

Yes. None really stand out as most important. I guess just liking the name in general.


Ryder Axel Alec Ace Chase Hunter Roman Asher Blaze Blaine Harley Hayden Houston Shirley Jaden Mason Jones The Third

  • Do you even want children?

2 is enough for me

  • Do you have any baby names in mind that you’d want to name your children? (Or children in general if you don’t want any)

Not until I knew my first was going to be a girl so 18-20 weeks pregnant.
My second was a lot later. I have issues surrounding men so learning I was having a son really hit me hard and I was freaking out so much. It wasn’t until 3/2 months before he was born I accepted I was having a son that I gave him his middle name. My partner had picked out his name way before I was ready to accept having a son.

  • What’s your opinion on middle/second names?

I think they are okay. I have one. So do my monsters. My daughter wasn’t going to have one since it’s tradition in my partners family for girls not to have one. But with a hard time of being made homeless before she was born we thought giving her the middle name of the hospital she was born in fit her perfectly. My sons is after the only consistent male role model I had IRL growing up.

  • What matters to you more, liking the name, the meaning, the sound, the backstory?

Mine are named after a great female comic hero but also means caring and a genius inventor with a cool last name.

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You forgot Alex :sob::sob::sob:


YES!! Family is important to me, but if my partner doesn’t want any then I’ll respect their decision.

No, not really

I think they’re pretty cool, I have 2 but I’d give my children 1

I already answered that, I have 2 and id give my child 1

All of it combined, I wouldn’t name my kid what I wouldn’t want to be named and if it sounds weird then I wouldn’t want to get them made fun if. But most of all I’m gonna make sure it’s not hard to pronounce because I don’t want them to go through the struggle of correcting the teacher all the time

the way you ask this sounds so angry lol
yes i want to adopt like 13

boys names i liek allen and vinnie and girls names i like miriam, this one feels too basic so its only on the table but i rlly like the name alexandra, and eileen i dont want to pronounce it eileen tho, i wanna make it funkier. oh and violet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ya

you know my indecisive @ss

yes and yes

all need to be good


i feel like there would be too many of those in class



I guess what I name my RP characters?

I like them if they fit well with the first and last name

Nope, they’re not really common here

How it looks written down-

I don’t want to give my child an uncommon name like mine so :joy: BUt I don’t want it to be ridicously common either
Something like Sienna or Elle would be pretty


No :star_struck:

They’re fine, but they’re useful for like nothing

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I don’t like children but I would like to have kids one day hahah
I’m bad with kids so good luck to me.

Yes! I have a few names in mind but that would probably change.

I love them!! I wish we had middle names here but that’s not a thing. Middle names don’t exist here and It makes me sad hahah

Liking the name, I think!

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Idek anymore. I low key got annoyed when a kid outside (a few doors down from me) was screaming for 20 minutes straight (he was fine). How can I handle a kid of my own doing that!? :joy:

And Brody, the 2016-2017 Episode bad boy name. :joy: :joy:

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I definitely do.

I have a few in mind.

Middle names are nice, and it gives people the option to choose which of their two names they want to be called.

I have a middle name… I might give my children one, especially if there’s a grandparent who wants one of my children to have their name but it’s not a name I’m too fond of. I’ll just give them a middle name and call them by their first name.

Liking the name, the sound, and the backstory. I don’t really care about the meaning. Most names that I like have a nice sound, and an important backstory, as in important people in my life having that name.

I 100% want kids, maybe some biologically, but i really want to foster and adopt.
I have a ridiculous amount of names stored up :see_no_evil:
I think middle names are a great chance to use a name that’s maybe a little more out there, or just has a different vibe in case your kid ever wanted to change their name when they’re older.
I do have a middle name, and if i do have kids they will probably have middle names as well
Liking the sound of a name matters the most to me, but having a cool namesake or meaning is definitely a bonus

I love Violet so freaking much :heart:

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  • What are some of your favorite baby names?

I actually want children, maybe one or two :joy:

names like Sienna and Esme and Mala are really pretty tbh :eyes:

I would like it if I liked how the name sounds, but if they aren’t too hard to write down or pronounce-

They seem a little pointless to me if no one uses them-

@Soleil cuz you like tags

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Definitely not now, but maybe in like 10 years

I don’t have a middle name :star_struck: sooo I guess I never really saw a point to them