Let's Complain About... Mary-Sues!

Wherever you find a community of young people writing, you will find Mary-Sues. It’s just one of those things that some young people (and a few older people, too) seem to accidentally fall into! I think it’s because they use their writing to live out their fantasies, so they make a perfect version of themselves!

But goodness can it be frustrating for readers. Have you come across some awful mary-sue characters? What do you hate about them? Complain away!


I just don’t understand how writers are able to construct a story around a character who has nothing but positive traits. They haven’t given their character any flaws to make it interesting.

Also, here’s a thread about a fantastic blog post to do with this subject:



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My main character started off as a Mary Sue. Poor Kito only had those ‘too selfless’, or ‘too nice’ flaws during his second incarnation :joy: Even his first incarnation when I was like 8 had better flaws than the second one.

Then I may have kind of overcompensated a little but I think that’s better than falling into the Mary Sue trap


The story called The Gangs. It was good until the MC really seem to me like a perfect Mary Sue because no one could be instant perfect in real life even after trainings.

Okay… I’m new to this forum, so I just have to say I love that mods participate in complaining/discussing Episode’s faults. Just had to say it.

Now to respond, I hate Mary Sues. I have totally fallen into this rabbit hole before, but I stopped working on the story before I published it when I realized how bland my character was. I wish that Episode authors thought their characters through more.

As my English 9 teacher once told me, if you’re writing a story and can’t write a 5 page biography about each of your main characters by the end if the story, then you didn’t write them well enough.


Flaws are what make you human. I am so tired of the MC who was abused as a child, but is now either super shy or a “bad b-tch,” but has never been in a good relationship with a guy. Did I mention she’s a virgin. Pure queen :v::unamused:


Oh! I didn’t know we were talking about SAO!

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Haha I’m not sure if Ginny is a Mary-Sue! She’s a bit of a creepy stalker for most of the story. Plus, Mary-Sues are usually the main character because any character can seem perfect from the MC’s eyes if they look up to them, admire them or are in love with them!


Bit yikes, maybe don’t :joy:

Hate 'em. They’re so difficult to destroy like ughhh, they’re not interesting and never played well. As an RP owner, I often have to break down the character to promote growth and storyline and have believable event but that’s not happening if your character is extremely resilient, has 490394093 powers that control nearly everything and can’t ever be defeated.


eden? :crescent_moon:


And then they add this tiny little thing that ‘utterly destroys them’ but is impossible to obtain.

No. I’ve never thought Eden Irvette to be a Mary Sue. @Yomama did an amazing job creating her.


Fair enough. Power description in the trial made me think that :crescent_moon:


I first thought she could do all of it, but Eden was just being Eden and being fancy.


She can be extra when she wants to be.

I could never portray that many powers. I can be very committed but I don’t have the strength to research how to portray all those powers properly.

Thank Ani! To be honest I feel like she could be improved but :yawning_face:


I didn’t mean it like that. I just needed something boring to compare her to.

I just used her character from the movies as an example of a boring, sue-ish personality. She’s actually okay in the books.


Hahaha. I love the name of this thread! :joy:

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