Let's Complain About... Mary-Sues!

Oh! I didn’t know we were talking about SAO!

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Haha I’m not sure if Ginny is a Mary-Sue! She’s a bit of a creepy stalker for most of the story. Plus, Mary-Sues are usually the main character because any character can seem perfect from the MC’s eyes if they look up to them, admire them or are in love with them!


Bit yikes, maybe don’t :joy:

Hate 'em. They’re so difficult to destroy like ughhh, they’re not interesting and never played well. As an RP owner, I often have to break down the character to promote growth and storyline and have believable event but that’s not happening if your character is extremely resilient, has 490394093 powers that control nearly everything and can’t ever be defeated.


eden? :crescent_moon:


And then they add this tiny little thing that ‘utterly destroys them’ but is impossible to obtain.

No. I’ve never thought Eden Irvette to be a Mary Sue. @Yomama did an amazing job creating her.


Fair enough. Power description in the trial made me think that :crescent_moon:


I first thought she could do all of it, but Eden was just being Eden and being fancy.


She can be extra when she wants to be.

I could never portray that many powers. I can be very committed but I don’t have the strength to research how to portray all those powers properly.

Thank Ani! To be honest I feel like she could be improved but :yawning_face:


I didn’t mean it like that. I just needed something boring to compare her to.

I just used her character from the movies as an example of a boring, sue-ish personality. She’s actually okay in the books.


Hahaha. I love the name of this thread! :joy:

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Even this isn’t the nicest ways to phrase it. Not only is using this phrase a type of hate speech, but then saying that the people that this discriminative term represents are boring, only make it worse.

I understand where you were coming from with your statement, just please be more careful with the way you word it.


Lol I kinda want to use a bible verse… well people think Mary-Sues are perfect but not even Mary-sues are. I don’t think I ever seen a Mary-sues. There’s the typical stuck up character, or the smart Aleck, but those characters aren’t perfect. If you look really look at a character or story you’ll see there hasn’t been many (if any) perfect character.
As it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one;” no matter how good your writing is it is simply impossible to make a perfect character.

You can write it, you can perceive it, but there’s always going to be a flaw. I think the worst type of Mary-sues is the ones who try to actually make a perfect character but still fail. I’m not talking about the ones who make a supposedly perfect character (but as the readers continue they realize this character still has many flaws which the author was trying to slowly develop), no I’m talking about writers who want to make this perfect being and fail.

I can use Zeus for an example, right? If you were just a kid not knowing much about this being called god but everyone praised him. You would definitely think he’s perfect, a Mary-sues but as you grow up, the once godly being isn’t perfect. In fact he’s more human than you can imagine.

Whoa?! Sorry for the rant. In conclusion I hate characters that was made to be a Mary-sues but actually have a lot of flaws. While as Zeus was made to be this perfect being but as the story continues you realize he isn’t. I like those (Zeus) type of characters a lot.

Eh, there is perfect characters probably tho. Like for example dc god. He’s supposed to be perfect but erm, he created the devil so like? (Shrugs). If you think the devil isn’t bad, than you right but still god created him and that could be seen as a flaw.

Anyway I actually hate stupid characters (to the point where you would tear your eyes out), more than perfect characters.


Mary-Sues are so B-O-R-I-N-G. Everyone’s in love with them, they love every person and animal on Earth, they never complain, they’re martyrs, and they’re always available to:
-Rescue a puppy on the street
-Help an elderly lady cross the street with her groceries
-Defend someone who is getting bullied

I mean, nothing wrong with that! But real people don’t always do what’s right. Sometimes we’re tired or in a hurry, or we had a bad day and we might reply crossly to someone. Or maybe the MC is too wrapped up in her problems to notice things.


Nobody: …
Mary sues: I’m not like other girls:


I saw Debby Ryan memes on TikTok, haha! Perfect

Also, Mary Sue’s are really boring… And sometimes I’m scared that my character is a Mary Sue! But I think that sometimes people make them by accident, not even realizing that they will do nothing in the plot!

But when they are made for joking, love ’em


Jesus is a mary sue don’t @ me

I’m kidding please dont murder me ;-;


Actually, I agree with this. Since we ourselves as humans aren’t perfect, how could we possibly write perfect characters? Not within our means. Yes fantasies of how a character supposed to be like this and that…no flaws etc…and this is the general consensus of what is considered perfect. But then again…that ‘perfectness’ itself is also a flaw leading to the main point of no one even these ‘perfect Mary Sues’ are perfect.

What would be the ideal definition of perfect? Because just by doing it…the irony is that we may or would likely end up contradicting our work.

I agree with your point and the general opinions on this thread of how the typical ‘perfect Mary Sue’ is like especially on Episode. I’m not going to go there.


Mary Sues are really one dimensional and basically all the good character triats are squished into one person. :roll_eyes: