Let's Talk About Interracial Relationships and Mixed Kids

That’s true, yeah. I struggle a bit, but I would count that as enrichment because it’s not really a barrier. If I didn’t try to understand it and just shrugged it off as weird and bad then we’d probably have an issue.

As it stands, I don’t really get a lot of it but I do find it interesting and the more I learn, the more different I realise it is. Which isn’t bad, like I said, it’s interesting



I was never a crush tho :eyes:


I mean, some of it is weird and bad. Like how my granddad expects to be offered a drink 3 times, so he’ll reject the offer the first time. Most English or Scottish people will be like “suit yourself” and my granddad’s face or the rest of the night is: :expressionless:

He should have just adapted, ffs. Can’t we just get rid of this tradition altogether? It’s nonsensical


Weren’t you? :eyes:


I mean yeah, I’m glad I know that ahead of time because dear lord I do not take that crap usually xD

I tend to offer someone something with an eyebrow raise and just never talk to them again in my life if they refuse. I’m so painfully Scottish it hurts

Was I? :eyes:


But what if they’re, like, actually not thirsty?


And don’t even get me started on religions! I find it easier to date Catholics or agnostic people (I tend to argue too much with Protestants or people who are devout members of other religions), but I’ve had crushes from all kinds of religions. Before you, @ChaoticDeluge, I had a crush on a Jewish guy. He told me I was cute but he only dates Jewish girls ;-;


My family is just not white we are 100% Danish. and I have no idea how they would have it if I dated a non-white.

Honestly, I dont think they would really care about race, if the person is a nice person whom I like. Personally I dont care about race but personality. if I dont like them I dont wanna be around them.

I have never dated one who was not white. But to fair I dont exatually have a long list of guys I dated they can be one hand.

I have been on one date with a non white which sucked cause he was hour late and had to leave five minuts later

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No. Never.

Why should it matter to me what’s the race of the person when it comes to romantic feelings? Love is love and it is a completely free emotion and doesn’t require anyone to be with someone of the same race as yours. But as a Jew, I can’t marry a non-Jew though
And it’s none of my business if, for instance an Ethiopian wants to be with someone who’s out of his/her race. It’s not like people choose who to fall in love with - it’s just not working like this.

Well, I don’t see it an issue. If you sincerely love someone, races shouldn’t matter. I mean, people don’t love others for their skin color :woman_shrugging:t5:
a brother of mine is married to my sister-in-law whose family is Yemenite. And they have two children.
So, I don’t have any problems with interracial relationships. As I said, none of my business if people from different races are in a romantic relationship as long as they sincerely love each other.

And @ShanniiWrites, no matter how much people hate the fact that you’re race mixed, never be ashamed of who you are. Don’t account anyone for this.


Well, I can understand him. I mean, we Jews aren’t allowed to get romantically involved with non-Jews :no_mouth:.

And in that case, if he marries a non-Jewish woman, then his children won’t be Jewish too. So…


As an Asian woman that is into white men, I’ll say this again:


Dating someone outside your race does not make you a race traitor.

I have mixed race cousins and they’re all gorgeous!

But just to be clear, race mixing runs in my family.

Also, Episode need to stop making white men evil since some stories involve race mixing. There was this one story that really annoyed me because she made the MC’s ex boyfriend a white male cheating on her with a fake tan barbie, made the MC’s cousin’s fiancee a cheating white male etc.

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I haven’t been in a relationship full stop :joy:

Yes, but not in a I-don’t-date-certain-races-way. Basically, the phrase “race doesn’t matter” or “I don’t see colour” annoys me because it’s usually used to minimize the struggles POC face because an individual “can’t see them” despite race being the most obvious thing to notice, so I don’t like those phrases in any context. Also it wouldn’t any make sense to say “race doesn’t matter” whilst having racial preferences.

The struggles I’d face for dating outside my race would differ from what I’d experience if I were to date within my own race, so it would matter. Not to me, but to others because that’s the world we live in unfortunately. I’m sorry if this made absolutely no sense

There’s nothing wrong with it. Who other people want to date is none of my business! However, it’s important to know that interracial relationships are not a solution to colourism or racism. And fetishizing mixed kids is gross. The idea of mapping out every aspect of your kids (including their appearances) is why kids feel pressured to not be failures to their parents. It’s a toxic dynamic.


I’m honestly cool with any relationship and so is my mom my dad just believes that I should never be talking to guys anyways :rofl: but he prefers me to stay in the race. My mom on the other hand is cool as long as I’m happy and the dude’s a Christian but my current boyfriend isn’t but she still loves him so thanks mom

But me I have my preference because I was raised mainly around black dudes so I’m more attracted to them really. I didn’t really know a lot of white dudes till 5th grade when I moved schools from being a majority to a minority. But I never judge anyone that date outside their race.
Me personally I couldn’t I’ve had other race crushes but idk I’m so conservational and stuff and my school is kinda weird in some ways. So really it’s ehhhh I’ve tried but I just have a preference nothing wrong with interracial couples tho.

No, but I was into a few guys outside my race.

Nahhhh mostly their belief and honestly the way they treat me is what I look for first. But I will say I enjoy my chocolate :joy:

I find them cute a dude from school he’s white is dating this black girl and me and my friend are always talking about how cute they are because they honestly are goals :rofl::clap:t5:


Literally all of my relationships have been interracial. Which is mostly due the fact that the area I grew up had been prominently white. I at one point was pretty much the only Asian kid, at my High school. Besides two black people, everyone was caucasian. So dating someone that is the same race as me. Has never really been an option for me in the past.

When it comes to dating? No . If I love them, the colour of their skin doesn’t matter. The content of their character does.Also every race has their attractive and non-attractive people, so if I find someone attractive.Race doesn’t really play any part in that.

I clearly have no problem with them, if you read my first answer :rofl: Love who you want ! As long as both parties are happy in the relationship, there is nothing wrong with it.


I’ve never been in any relationships, so no, but I’ve had crushes on girls who weren’t the same race as me.

Race doesn’t matter to me. If I think a girl is pretty and the two of us get along, I don’t care what she looks like.

I don’t have any opinions on interracial relationships. If both people in the relationship are happy and in love with each other, it doesn’t matter.

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Yeah, I’ve dated a couple Asian guys. [quote=“ShanniiWrites, post:1, topic:2121”]
Does race matter to you? If so, why?
Nope, not really. More attracted to people’s personalities and that usually causes a spark for me. I’m attracted to all sorts of guys (and girls) based on looks so I don’t have a “type” that would exclude one race. I’m white and I do have some racist relatives that might have a problem with someone in another race, but my immediate family was very accepting of one bf that I brought home who was half-Asian and I’d hope that they would have been accepting of anyone that loved me and I loved them back.

I think that it can put pressure on a relationship because people may judge them, but ultimately I think it’s a great thing to be in an interracial relationship! There can be cultural differences to overcome, but that can happen in any relationship where two people are not from the same geographical area, religion, social class, or anything. Without fetishizing mixed babies, I think it’s great that the world’s demographics are changing and white won’t always be the majority (particularly in the US).

I also loved the list you made @ShanniiWrites so I’m gonna do the same!

Crush demographics

White (culturally Jewish)
White (culturally Jewish)
Half Asian
Half Asian
White (Jewish)
White (Jewish)
Sri Lankan
White (half Jewish, culturally and French) - husband :hugs:

So yeah, I do kinda have a thing for Jewish guys and being a shiksa, but that was very unconscious. I put culturally Jewish if they were not religious at all.

Also, this is not a complete list because I’m old and can’t remember all my crushes :joy: so there are probably some forgettable guys not on this list. Also, didn’t really put girls on this list since didn’t have a relationship with any of them…

Also can you tell when I moved out of my Jewish/white hometown to a more diverse uni :joy:

  • Have you ever been in an interracial relationship?
    No, I haven’t, but I am considering being in one in the future.
  • Does race matter to you? If so, why?
    No. It shouldn’t matter to me because we’re all human beings at the end of the day. Race is just the color of someone’s skin; that’s all.
  • What are your opinions on interracial relationships?
    To be honest, I don’t have any issues with interracial relationships. I don’t see anything wrong with a person liking someone outside their race of people.

Oh dear. That’s my problem at the moment, I’m actually about to enter an interracial relationship. The guy I like is Hispanic but I’m black. And I’m lighter than him too…

A lot of people think I’m mixed but I’m actually not, I just happen to be pale. When family members see me, they call me “white woman” because I’m so light…

Back on topic. I have no problem with interracial relationships at all, as long as the person isn’t ignorant or using me as an aesthetic. That’s dead wrong.


This is a controversial topic but I find it extremely problematic when people don’t date their own race because they subconsciously or implicitly associate negative stereotypes with their own race. For example, if an Asian woman exclusively prefers white men because they associate Asian men as being not masculine enough that is racist. Implicit and internalized racism is a thing and many people don’t know they have it.


Same! I’m glad I’m not alone

So well put. Some weird people can use their past interracial relationships to escape their racism just like “I can’t be racist, I have POC friends”