Let's talk about knitting

I know a little bit about how to crochet, but I really don’t know how to knit at all. It’s kinda fun to do it to pass the time while watching a video or something, though.

  • Do you know how to knit? If you don’t, do you want to learn?
  • Do you like knitting?
  • If you can knit, what do you know how to knit?

I want to learn, but I don’t know if my eyesight is good enough.

i wish i could :cry:

I don’t!! But I would love to learn!

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I know it a little bit but I’m horrible at it haha. I would love to get better tough!

Yeah it calms me down!

I don’t know anything out of the top of my head I always watch tutorials and try to repeat those. I once made a hat!

I do! My mother taught me when I was 8 or 9 lol

It’s rlly relaxing when I’m overwhelmed, and is gently stimulating when I’m dissociated (helps me get back to myself) so yea I like it.

I know how to cast on and off, but idk how to switch yarn balls. I could knit you a coaster, or a scarf if I have enough wool, but further than that not rlly lol. I made myself a singular mitten once.

Stitch types I know:

  • Ribbed
  • Basic knit
  • Basic pearl

I actually learned how to knit in 2010! My mom tried to teach me, but I’m left-handed and she’s right-handed, so her techniques didn’t make any sense to me. So I took a knitting class with a left-handed teacher, and learned well enough to make a couple of scarves.