Lets talk about trauma dumpers

So I see trauma dumpers (Correct me if I’m using the name incorrectly for this situation) A LOT on TikTok, and I think we can all agree that they are extremely annoying. I saw a video of a girl making a cute TikTok with their mom, and the comments were like “Your mom actually loves you?? My mom Ab*sed me :grinning:” Like I’m sorry that happened to you, but please shut the f^ck up.

I really hate when people just dump their trauma onto you without making sure you were okay with it. Like we don’t know the back story of the op and their moms relationship. For all we know, this could be the one good time they had with their mom in years. And people at my school tend do this, like what do you expect me to say??


Oh god, I had a friend do this all the time! Now they’re not my friend anymore. It got to the point where it became triggering, and even one time when we were eating lunch they were talking about something very triggering that had to do with vomitting, when I’ve said several times before that I have emetophobia.

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I agree, that’s not okay for people to do. Like you said, you never know the backstory or if it might even trigger the other person. Stuff like “I shouldn’t be happy because others are unhappy” or the feeling that they’re not allowed to show their happiness

And could you please censor all swear words please :see_no_evil:

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And yeah even though they think it might be good for them to share their experiences, I think in this way it’s just immoral because it’s social media and it’s very public, so you’ll never know who you are talking to, which means you might offend someone at the other side of the screen. I think it’s inconsiderate even though what really happened to them is indeed bad.

Oop I hate this a lot.


Ah jesus I hate it so much
I get if someone has trauma, but please ask first before dumping it, seriously.
These are the same kind of people who do this sort of thing and it annoys me sm:

  • Someone says that they’re tired/didn’t sleep all that well, and someone else responds along the lines of "I can’t sleep at all because of PTSD nightmares and my crippling depression lol." Like a) They didn’t ask. b) the same could be happening to them and you don’t know, and c) Get some help instead of loading it onto some other kid

  • Someone says they’re hungry, and the next person responds with. "Omg I haven’t (TW - Eating disorder) eaten in like three days because of my eating disorder; grow up." Again - same points as the first one

  • Literally every time you’re happy about something it’s a grumpy “can’t relate” or “wow, imagine having that.” I get it as a joke, but when it’s literally with random strangers, or in real life with no other kind of ‘oh I’m happy for you’ or indication that they are joking, it’s weird and no

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