Let's talk: how are you and/or you're animals doing?

It’s pretty hot these days so I was wondering how you guys are all doing with this heat? And how are your animals (if you have them) doing? I feel terrible for my cats. Some want to go outside in this heat and I can’t get them inside :frowning_face: I also have this one cat who has a weak heart. The poor thing the only thing he does is just laying around.

This is him His name is Jackson

Poor thing so yeah how are you guys holding up? What are you guys doing to stay cool? And how are your animals doing? How do you help them to stay cool?

Maybe share some tips :sweat:


I’m dying in this heat personally, but gerbils are desert animals so my girls are absolutely fine xD It’s like, the hotter the better for them. They’ve apparently been out of their bedding quite a lot since they don’t need to curl up for warmth.

As for my (parents) cats, they seem to be fine as well. @ShanniiWrites and I were taking care of them for a week and they spent a lot of time outside, basking in the sun. The concrete was really warm where the sun was hitting it and they would lay there specifically. It was very cute watching them roll around for warmth >.<

But personally, I’m a cold creature. I need the rain xD


Same :laughing:


Ash gave us a present: a moth. I don’t usually mind moths, but I hate the fat ones where you can see their faces and everything. So Deluge had to go on a goose chase to find the injured little bugger. Then there was a spider in the bed :grimacing:


The joys of cat-sitting in the country


Ι am actually feeling pretty good, thanks for aking :laughing: but my pet and other family members not rly lol they can’t stand the heat, and guess what? We can’t even go to the beach because it’s hot and cloudy…


I’m ok, I try to stay in bed all the time (without a blanket :joy: ) and on the afternoon I jump into our pool :swimming_woman:

My cats are fine, my dog even wants to play with me but I always tell her that it’s too hot for that. All my other pets don’t really care about the temperature.

My neighbor has 3 cows and they get ice cubes in their hay :joy:

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Her name is Mouse and she is currently asleep on my bed.


I’m doing good in this Florida weather and my cats are like “Tf is this?! We wanted warmth, NOT FIRE” You can tell by the look in there eyes
My dog just wants to be inside and stand in front of the air conditioner but she is a big outside dog who needs space (even tho I sneak her in sometimes cause I love my bbg)

I have 2 cats so I will start off with my male cat, he’s alright hes skinny and his fur is silky so the heat is not that bad, but, idk how it happened, but the dude fucked up his nose. He must have jumped down from somewhere and landed on his nose cause I let him out of my room for 10 minutes and he comes back with a skinned and bloodied nose. He doesn’t seem to be in pain, just embarrassed.

My female cat is thick and has really thick fur so she is laying on the tile and trying to shed her winter coat cause that apparently hasn’t happened yet. She being really sassy and loving life so she’s doing great!


Omg that’s what Mouse looks like?! She’s my lil baby now, like she’s obviously yours but I shall be her soul aunt.


… Do we have the same cats.


My cats are really cranky in the heat, they’ve had plenty of moments where they are growling or punching each other, but it’s mainly in the peak because it’s not just hot but so humid too. They have their windows open upstairs where they relax, they also have the fan on and curtains closed in the hall so that they have some shade.
My dogs have an air cooler to give more air. However two of my dogs are very hot, so I gave them both room temperature baths to cool down, and they all have chill collars and my Shepherd puppy has a cool coat too so it gets soaked in some water and he wears that to cool his body. It helps so that he can sleep.
I don’t let them out often in the heat as it takes a short time for them to get ill and that can kill them so I don’t risk it. They go out on short toilet breaks then come back, then go for a proper break in the evening when its cooler. We don’t take them out to town or anything because it’s dangerous in the car. So it’s just keeping the sun out of the house and cool as possible.


My lovely hedgehog loves the hot weather while everyone else is dying xD


My cats want me to open the windows for them, but no…

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My cat is behind me and she’s keeping her one eye on me and sleeping lol

I can’t stay in my room.

Damn AC.

he’s home alone because my parents at Nashville ;c

All three of my dogs are lazy little heathens. They are in the living room sleeping which it feels like they all sleep 16 hours a day.

Oh my animal? Nonexistent.

How am I? Pretty crappy because I have a canker sore, I can’t get any inspiration for my drawing, I feel sick, and I’m kind of p*ssed at everyone for no reason.

Don’t think so, unless my cats can teleport…