Let's talk in quotes ~ ✨

I join in the fun!

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Don’t revive my games, they are awful :gun::eyes::sparkles:

I almost forgot about this thread, but it was a cool idea

But my phone almost crashed each time I tried to answer the long one :eyes::sparkles::joy:

Tough. I will keep reviving it just to spite you.

You can’t revive it if I never reply :wave::eyes::sparkles::smiling_imp:

I only need one out of 248 others to help me. You are disposable.

:scream::sob::sob::sob: You never liked me :sob::sob::sob::eyes::sparkles:

are you sure ?

I did.
Though I’m pretty certain you don’t like me :+1:

Why? :eyes::sparkles:
~ cries~

I thought I just annoyed you, especially in the werewolf game?

Nope :eyes::sparkles: I’m always annoyed by everyone, including myself, so I don’t hate you :eyes::sparkles::blush:

Loads of people hate me! Glad to know I can cross one off of the list

How can anyone hate a cute little duck like you?! :scream::eyes::sparkles:

sniffle haters gonna hate, daters gonna date and I’m gonna cry, cry, cry, cry cry cry cry…

Don’t cry, that’s Valerie’s job already :eyes::sparkles::joy:

True… What should we talk about now?

Nice weather btw hehe :sweat_smile:

Why does someone always comment on the weather when I listen to “here comes the sun”? :eyes::sparkles::joy: