Let's talk in the ABC order: BACKWARDS EDITION πŸ‘€βœ¨

It’s basically the same as the original Let’s talk in the ABC order game, which was created by @Kanubish, but it’s backwards this time. :eyes::sparkles:
So you have to start with Z and work your way up to A :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat:

β€’No swear words :eyes:
β€’No drama :eyes:
β€’Have fun :smiley_cat::eyes::sparkles:
~ :sparkles:


Zis is definitely going to fail :eyes::sparkles::joy:

You bet Zis is.

Xtremely optimistic as I see :eyes::sparkles::joy:

Wow, this is a great idea :eyes::sparkles:

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Ve’@Duckling, if this is going far, then maybe you should make another version of it (like, we’ll need to talk backwards before a mod posts)

U are right :thinking: but I think that the mods would end up forgetting about it, because they already have enough other game threads that they can interrupt :eyes::sparkles::joy:

They might. Unless a user here will tag the staff and remind them. :eyes:

Sadly :crying_cat_face::eyes::sparkles: should we remind them that they still have to count to 20 on their thread? :eyes::sparkles::joy:

R U serious? :neutral_face:

Queen, of course I’m serious :eyes::sparkles: I want to annoy them by interrupting each time they reach 17 :eyes::sparkles::smiling_imp::joy:

Payback, huh? I like how it sounds :smiling_imp:

And nah. I am not a queen (I know, I know. You said that just to start the sentence with Q)

Oh, you are a queen :eyes::sparkles: Everyone is a queen in their own way, even @ChaoticDeluge :eyes::sparkles::joy:

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No. ChaoticDeluge is a guy, so it should be a king. (Don’t know if he is :stuck_out_tongue:)


Ma’am, I’ll have you know I am very much a queen :eyes::sparkles:

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Lol :eyes::sparkles: maybe I should create a queen cult :eyes::sparkles::joy:

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'Kay. If you want to, then go ahead :sweat_smile:

Just kidding, I’m too lazy to do that :eyes::sparkles::joy:

I think there are enough cults.

Hmm… I actually agree :thinking: I’m in 2 cults already so a third one would be too much :eyes::sparkles::joy: