Let's talk in the ABC order: BACKWARDS EDITION 👀✨

Girl, you’re in 2 cults, and I am telling you that I am in only one long-lasting cult, and it’s called Kanubish cult with only one member


Funny :eyes::sparkles: Can I join your cult too? :smiley_cat::eyes::sparkles:

Emm :thinking:

Nope :wink:. Only one person can be in Kanubish cult :smirk:

Doesn’t it get boring to be alone in a cult after some time?:thinking::eyes::sparkles:

Can never get bored to be alone in a cult. I am never bored to be in a group of myself.

But what do you do in your cult? :thinking::eyes::sparkles:

A lot of things.

Zebra singing? :eyes::sparkles::joy: Or something else? :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat:

You don’t have any other word starting with Z besides zebra?

And what I am doing in my cult is being myself.

Xtremely interesting :eyes::sparkles: and no, zebra isn’t the only word, but I don’t think that you would like me to write long German words like Zufälligerweise instead :eyes::sparkles::joy:

Well, maybe you should say zufälligerweise next time you start a sentence the the letter Z.

Very good idea, but other people will complain because they won’t understand it :eyes::sparkles::joy:

U know, people will always complain :woman_shrugging:t5:

True :eyes::sparkles:

So do it next time you’re in Z (?)

Really? Maybe I’ll do it :woman_shrugging::eyes::sparkles:

Quite boring now… :yawning_face:.
I wish someone here will start an interesting discussion or something (just not dramas, obviously)

Pandas are a great topic for a discussion :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat: What do you think about them?

Oh, pandas? Really? They’re cute and all, but pandas as a topic for discussion aren’t interesting enough to make me find the discussion interesting.

Name a better discussion topic then :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat::blush: