Let's talk Marvel!

With Black Widow being the first movie of Phase 4 coming out soon, it’s time we talked about everyone’s favorite hero franchise.

dc sobs silently in the corner

What did you guys think of Endgame? I really liked it as a conclusion to the infinity saga even though it had me sobbing throughout most of the movie. R.I.P. Hawkeye’s hair :sob:

What’s your favorite Marvel movie? I love Civil War. The Cap v. Iron man battle was amazing, this scene is my favorite movie scene ever;


followed closely by Portals, and then the airport fight scene.

Speaking of Portals, what do you guys think about the music? As a band geek, I love the original Avengers theme, the ‘snapped’ theme from the beginning of Endgame, and the magnificent Portals. I also love the tribal notes in the Black Panther theme and the Ant-Man theme.


I can’t wait for the next Spider-Man to come out!!! They left us on the biggest cliff hanger ever.


I know right! I wonder of it will be addressed in The Eternals, Shang Chi, or Doctor Strange 2 :thinking:

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Doctor Strange 2 is apperently going to be a straight-up horror movie. :grimacing:

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I just want it to introduce an actual multiverse :eyes:

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I mean… Spiderverse already did that.

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But that was Sony, not Marvel

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Eh, Disney will buy them soon. It still counts.

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I’m just over here waiting for the Marvel x DC crossover that will never happen :sweat_smile:

I’m just waiting for DC’s movies to keep failing until they go bankrupt and get bought by Disney

It happened in the comics.

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I know, I’ve seen it and it was epic, especially the Amalgam comics :eyes:

Wonderwoman Storm (Stormerwoman? Wonderstorm?) was EPIC. And kinda hot.

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Avengers Bump :eyes:

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It was amazing, gave me the chills. I loved seeing all my favorite characters coming together. It was epic! :heart_eyes:

I can’t decide! I love Captain America: The First Avenger, Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok, but I could keep adding on this list.

The theme is epic! Haven’t reflected much about it though.

Random quiz:

HAHA I got Thor! I like him in the later movies XD


I mean, to be fair…

We got three actors named Chris, two named Tom, two characters named Peter, two named Stephen, and a character and actress named Scarlet.

In short… Marvel isn’t very good with names.

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Honestly… not surprising

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Wait? Did I write that? :laughing: How did you quote me? LOL

Then they don’t have to learn the names! :smile:

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It’s from the quiz, lol. Look at the blurb box.

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Nice! :heart_eyes:

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Oh, oh lol :laughing:

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