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Hello, fellow RPs! It’s me again, with the same RP haha!
I posted this on the Ideas Thread a long time ago so if you’re not interested right now I understand that and I’m sorry for tagging you! I made some changes so make sure to read everything, especially if you were already a part of this RP! Thank you :blue_heart:

Welcome to Lime Grove,
a secluded part of the town only for the wealthy and famous. With pools and private gyms to mansions with rooms you can’t even count, this is the place not many can afford to live in. If you do, congratulations but don’t get too comfortable; it seems like Lime Grove is getting under lockdown and you can’t leave.

Lime Grove is a secluded part of the town surrounded by fences and guards. Only the most influential and powerful people live here in their mansions with everything they could ever wish for. Young adults living alone or with their parents that are never home, found their peace here.

Due to political issues, Lime Grove goes under a lockdown without giving people a possibility to leave or enter, only for the safety of everyone. Young adults that are now all alone with people they might not like have no other choice but to hang out with those in the same situation as them. Is this a good time to make friends or reconnect with someone? But that wasn’t the real reason. In a chaotic world where celebrities started getting attacked, the government wanted to keep the residents of Lime Grove safe and in fear of getting backlashed because the residents of Lime Grove were “more important”, they gave everyone a fake explanation. What happens when people find out what was actually happening? When they find out how much everyone in that town was important just because of their financial situation and that’s why they were protected?

Angry because of the unfair situation, they all received a message from an unknown source just a few days later, threatening them to expose their secrets and show the world they weren’t so special. It was time for a game. They started receiving more messages but now those messages were about other people, their friends, enemies and they had a decesion to make - they could keep that to themselves or share it with everyone. There was only one important thing - if they decided not to do anything about it, one of their secrets would get exposed.

Please wait for me to update the FCs before you start planning relationships and secrets with other players! Keep in mind that your character must have at least two personal secrets.


Please reserve first!
If creating only one character please make sure the ratio is balanced!
Your character must have at least two personal secrets
Once accepted, you can plot and come up with relationships with other characters
Be kind to each other!

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sign me up tho
omg which one of u putas is doing them with me

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i’ll actually be active on this oneeeeeeeeeeeeeee





(Can I bring back Micah and Tamara?)


Bro, I was so nervous about this for some reason

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why’d you say bro thats so out of character


Guys, just please read everything because I did make some changes!

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I think it’s the first time I ever saw her say bro

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Idk, I’m just really anxious

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Cool. I’m going to do new forms for them too, just to update them.

(I just realized I forgot about Christian. I didn’t really get to use him last time, so I’m definitely bringing him back. I won’t need to update hi, though)

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Reserve a gorl

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Got it!

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A girl for now

I’ll probably make a guy too but for now I’ll leave it at that

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GUYS does anyone wanna do tana mongeau and ashley shwan wi me

i dont get this part
like those r two separate plots?

No! The whole “political reason” is just a cover up and people slowly started figuring that out which lead to that second part!

so the outside force is someone who doesnt want them to expose the actual reason rite
im just a lil confused

I don’t fudgin have time for this why does everyone come up with good rps when I’m busy >.<

But anyway yolo lmao I’m gonna reserve for two :relieved: