[Limelight] Art Release: Another Tuesday, Another Release

Hello All!

This week, we’ve got a variety of everything to share with everyone!

Want us to feature your looks and scenes on our Instagram account, @EpisodeCreators? Tomorrow morning we’ll be making a post with some of our favorite characters and outfits from this thread. The deadline for creating images is 5 AM PST tomorrow. When is that for you? Check here!

Though not all images may make it into the final post, we appreciate your effort and try to include as many images as we can! Be sure to say you’ll allow us to feature your edit in your post!

Limelight Female
V Shaped Ankle Strap Heel Pleather Blue Sky
Lace Tulle Dress Satin Tulle Pink
Lace Tulle Dress Satin Tulle Blue
Lace Tulle Dress Satin Tulle Black
Heart Pendant Gold Yellow
Deep V Neck Lace Tank Silk
Lace Knit Two Piece Swimsuit Cotton Complex Color
Polka Dot Lace Bodice Dress Cotton Complex Color
Front Lace Up Top Cotton Complex Color
Ruched Lace Off Shoulder Dress Cottoncomplexcolor
Heart Plate Statement Earring Metal Complex Color

Limelight Male
Arm Floral Tattoo Solid
Stars Arm Tattoo Solid
Glowing Vial Necklace Glass Yellow
Round Wide Plastic Black
Openbuttoned Bow Tie Multi Layer Jacket Cotton Navy Blue
Clogs Shoes Plastic Complex Color

Wishlist Clothing
Oversized Short Sleeve Tee Logo Los Angeles Yellow
Oversized Short Sleeve Tee Logo Los Angeles Yellow Flipped

:sparkles: As wished for by @elowen :sparkles:

If you missed our announcement regarding art releases starting in May, please make sure to check it out! Click here for that post.

As always, please let us know if you have any issues with these items. We will update this post once the items have all been released.

With love,

The Episode Team

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