[Limelight] Art Release: Plus Female Clothes comin' at y'all a week early

Hello All!

This week, we’ve got some new plus-sized outfits for your ladies to rock!

Want us to feature your looks and scenes on our Instagram account, @EpisodeCreators? Tomorrow morning we’ll be making a post with some of our favorite characters and outfits from this thread. The deadline for creating images is 5 AM PST tomorrow. When is that for you? Check here!

Though not all images may make it into the final post, we appreciate your effort and try to include as many images as we can! Be sure to say you’ll allow us to feature your character in your post!

Limelight Female Plus
Belted Skinny Slacks Cotton White
Blazer Rolled Collared Bib Wool Floral Black White
Blazer Rolled Collared Bib Wool Geometric Black White
Blazer Rolled Collared Bib Wool Geometric Red Cherry Black
Blazer Rolled Collared Bib Wool Geometric Yellow White
Button Up Rolled Up Sleeve Vest Cotton Grey White
Crop Top Strapless Lace Jacket Jumpsuit Cotton Black White
Cuffed Suit Cottonwhite Black
Cuffed Suit Shorts Cotton Brown
Cut Out Chelsea Boots Leather Black
Lace Bodysuit Leather Skirt Lace Complex Color
Zipped Up Fleece Jacket Fleece Complex Color
Basic Pull Over Hoodie Cotton Complex Color
Covered Open Toe Sandals Leather Complex Color
Oversized Short Sleeve Tee Cotton Complex Color

Wishlist Outfits
Boxing Outfit Polyester Gold Black (Female and Female Plus)
Boxing Winner Robe Satin Gold Black (Female and Female Plus)

:sparkles: As wished for by @Makayla.Reed :sparkles:

As always, please let us know if you have any issues with these items. We will update this post once the items have all been released.

Heads up, we will not be having a release next week as the team will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our families. We’ll be back with a new release on December 2nd!

With love,

The Episode Team


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