[Limelight] Art Release: So many new things for our final art release of 2021!

Hello All!

This week, we’re about the head on a couple week hiatus for the holidays! But before we go, we’ve got releases for males and both female types! Plus, make sure you scroll all the way down to find a surprise!

Want us to feature your looks and scenes on our Instagram account, @EpisodeCreators? Tomorrow morning we’ll be making a post with some of our favorite characters and outfits from this thread. The deadline for creating images is 5 AM PST tomorrow. When is that for you? Check here!

Though not all images may make it into the final post, we appreciate your effort and try to include as many images as we can! Be sure to say you’ll allow us to feature your character in your post!

Limelight Female
(BBRM) Button Up Sweet Heart Neckline Dress Cotton Polka Dot
Mesh Letterman See Through Jacket Tulle Black White
Lace Top Off Shoulder Dress Cotton Silver Black
(LoveandWar) Structure Bralette Top Denim Light Blue
Vest Tie Long Extravagant Sleeve Shirt Cotton Blue White
Crochet Lace Dress Cotton Complex Color
Sweetheart Button Crop Top Cotton Complex Color
Blazer Diamond Trim Bustier Polyester Complex Color
Wide Pant Wedding Slacks Polyester Complex Color

Limelight Female Plus
Ex Date Dress Metallic Blue Navy
Ex Date Dress Metallic Silver
Loop Cut Hole Dress Cotton
Sequin Bomber Jacket Sequin Red
Sequin Bomber Jacket Sequin Red Orange
Ruched Lace Off Shoulder Dress Cotton Complex Color
Color Block Henley Shirt Cotton Complex Color
Cropped V Neck Cable Sweater Cotton Complex Color
Cable Knit Pocket Cardigan Wool Complex Color
Balloon Sleeve Corset Dress Cotton Complex Color

Limelight Male
(BBSMB) Blazer Formal Bowtie Collared Light Violet
(PP) Final Performance Boots
Belted Multipocket Pants Cotton Grey Black
Businessblazer Formal Collar Polyester Neutral Black
Moto Jacket
Buttoned Coat Leather Complex Color

Wishlist Items
:sparkles: As wished for by @Abimations4 :sparkles:

Side Swept Wavy Long Solid (Female)
Even Messy Curls Solid (Male)

Please note that we will be taking a break from Art Releases during the holidays! This is our last release before the break, and then we will be back January 13th with another one. We mistakenly typed the 14th last week, but it’s definitely still on Thursdays!

As always, please let us know if you have any issues with these items. The items have all been released at the time of this post.

With love,

The Episode Team


The new female hair??? Here for it. Lemme use it in my story too.

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