[Limelight] Ready and Dressed!

Hey All!

Put on some showstoppers and statement pieces with this week’s art release!

Want us to feature your looks and scenes on our Instagram account, @EpisodeCreators? Tomorrow morning we’ll be making a post with some of our favorite characters and outfits from this thread. The deadline for creating images is 5 AM PST tomorrow. When is that for you? Check here!

Though not all images may make it into the final post, we appreciate your effort and try to include as many images as we can! Be sure to say you’ll allow us to feature your character in your post!

Limelight Generic Female Clothing
Turtleneck Sleeves Mesh Cotton Grey Black
Glamour Shot Dress Cotton Blue White
Bow Waisted Paperbag Ankle Pants Cotton Pink Coral
Knee High Single Stripe Sock and Wedge Heels Grey White
Boat Collar Cardigan Dress Cotton Blue Black
Blue Denim Dress
Ankle Strap Leather Black Heels
Slit Keyhole Dress Silk Spring Green
Gangster Outfit Pants
Floral Overall Dress Yellow Cream
Breezy V Neck Crochet Tassel Dress Cotton Grey White
Flapper Waitress Dress
Gangster Outfit Necklace
Belted Floral Dress Cotton Yellow Cream
Open Top Hoodie Pattern
Ankle Wrap Strapped Sandal Leather Brown Oak
Coin Bohemian Necklace Metal Silver
Open Toed Sandal Strappy
Bohemian Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Dress Cotton Yellow Cream
Dual Bangles Beaded Bracelet Gold Blue
Thigh High V Top Boots Satin
V Neck High Slit Summer Dress Cotton Striped
Slit Keyhole Dress Silk Royal Blue

Limelight Generic Male Clothing
Elastic Loafers Slipons Suede Brown Bole
Wool Sweater Buttoned Down Shirt Cotton Grey Ivory
Combo Bracelet Metal Silver
Double Tassle Loafer Leather
Ankle Length Skinny Slacks Polyester Houndstooth
Baewear Jacket Velvet Black

From our Wish List thread:

Limelight Generic Female, Plus Female, and Generic Male Clothing
Sky Diving Suit Lined Cotton Grey Black

:sparkles: As wished for by @Kaylin.white :sparkles:

As always, please let us know if you have any issues with these items. We will update this post once the items have all been released.

With love,
The Episode Team


boop :eyes:

Screenshot 2021-05-13 5.32.09 PM

Screenshot 2021-05-13 5.32.32 PM


thank you!

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the glamour shot dress cotton blue white is ugly

V neck high slit summer dress cotton stripped is ugly af too


The glamour shot dress looks better in the preview than it does on the characters, honestly. The belt doesn’t even look the same.
And the V-neck summer dress is way too open on the top.

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