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If anyone is looking for a short romance-type story, then I have one. (shy smile)
Well, actually, it’s a bunch of stories, but this one in particular is about being caught red-handed. Yes, it is a horrible thing to have an affair, particularly when in a committed/martial relationship. BUT what about reading it through the cheater’s eyes in that moment right up to getting caught?

Caught in the Act

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If you’re looking for a mystery thriller story with lots of drama, I’ve got one for you.
This story features murder, betrayal, revenge, and a whole lot of ambition. With morally grey characters living in a high-end town in Toronto, will greed and vengeance destroy them, or will they destroy each other? Or themselves, with the facade of perfect li(v)es they’ve created?

And a twist- what if the villain was the protagonist?

Deadly Nightshade

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