Lots of Announcements: Please Join Me on Discord!

Hi everyone!

I have loads and loads of announcements coming your way today! I would appreciate it loads if as many of you could come as possible!

I’m discussing some amazing things, including:

  • What I’ve been doing behind the scenes
  • What our plans are for the future
  • How we are going to promote your stories
  • How we’re going to make money (hopefully)
  • What we look for in a staff member (since we’re so dang close to deciding if we’re going to have another staff application!)

And loads and loads more!

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I’m sorry it’s so soon!



Imagine not already being in the server. :eyes: Unless this is a different one and I’m losing it.


Vc :star_struck:


@Announcements @ForumStaff we’re starting now!

Also @Writers you might be interested in the promoting your stories part!


Its a new one :eyes:


Notes from the meeting

shannii's going back to university

helping supporting the shani’s tutoring website

if could get 100 people to join, could do 1 a week and make more money than at job

help drum up support for that

Dorian is coming up

  • seems like they’re not really giving any new content atm

asked if we could run the dorian forums as part of our own, have a dorian subsection and create tutorials for dorian (with early access)

would help get us noticed and make money in new ways

raffle tickets gonna be put in a raffle box
each one will have a story title on it
each week a story will be raffled and a chapter of it will be read by Deluge (recorded and read live) and reviewed by Shannii

how will it be run?

  • patreon tiers get raffle tickets, more per tier
  • forum user of the month gets an entry
  • can just buy a raffle ticket on ko-fi
  • can use tickets on other people, but need permission from other people
  • will read more chapters if you have more tickets
  • raffle tickets will never expire

monthy newsletter - featured stories and featured art

can use vimeo to lock videos to patron’s or sell videos (like webinar recordings)

trying to decide whether or not staff members should get a ticket

very close to 750 users - gonna do a purge of users who have never done anything

looking at an approved creators tag manned by the copyright team for people who have had no copyright issues who will be allowed to charge commissions (just to make sure money isn’t getting paid to scam artists)

can count forums as community service
will be writing a letter about rose’s activities on the team