Love at first sight?

Hey there, I’m Pandamonium! :panda_face: :heart:

First, let’s set the scene, shall we?

It’s Monday morning and Sabrina is ordering a coffee from her favorite little coffee shop: Cocoa’s Cafe. After paying for her drink, she spins around, and bumps into the young man behind her.

“Oh! I’m so so-” she stops.

An intense attraction comes over her the second she lays eyes on him, and she believes it’s love at first sight. Do you agree with her?

… Okay, that scenario kind of sucked haha. But basically, this thread is all about sharing your opinion on love at first sight. Do you believe in it? If yes, why? If no, why not? I’d also love to hear your thoughts on soulmates and unconditional love.

• Do soulmates exist?
• Can love be unconditional?

Let me know!


No one?

I can be attracted to someone once I see them, but that’s me thinking they’re cute, definitely not love.

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Same. :ok_hand:

I definitely think you need to know a person before you can really determine if you love them.

:joy::joy::joy: Yep

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Soulmates aren’t really something I believe in.

I actually don’t believe in love at first sight either, because I need to have an emotional connection before I can fall in love and have sex. I don’t really sleep around. My first boyfriend was a hookup, and it felt all kinds of wrong because we never really connected. I dumped him, and now I’m single.

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I’m quite a hopeless romantic so I’ll say yes this time. I do believe in love at first sight, also in soulmates on a certain level.
I do think people can have this kind of click inside them when it comes to someone special even if they only first met at that very moment.
And when it comes to soulmates I’m still not sure what I think but I do tend to believe soulmates exist on some level, not necessarily in that theres this one person and we’re destined to be together forever or I’ll end up alone, but in the this is a true love or these two people were meant to meet or be together at some point in their lives, and they won’t die alone miserably if they’re not together forever.
I also believe there’s more than one soulmates for each person, this world is too big.

btw loved the scenario😂 you my friend have got to stop with the romance films


Obviously not all lives are at first sight tho, but they exist

YUS, twin flamessssssssssssssss
iss real

its not just lust, its when u make eye contact and realize you have the same soul

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This makes me think of parent and offspring. Like, when a mother or father first lays eyes on their child, I’m sure they feel that exact click. A bond, a connection, a sense of love. You know?

Yes. :ok_hand:

@CerealKiller, why are you so dang wise? Haha.

Tee-hee, thank you! :rofl:

You hush! :shushing_face: I’ll never give up my romantic films lmao. :heart:

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It’s part of my charm :wink:

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Yes but no more than one tf

Not at the same time obviously

Idk maybe
Omg writing prompt

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I don’t think love at first sight is real…

Like you can be attracted to someone when you see them for the first time but I don’t think you can immediately know this is the one

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Yes :eyes: I like to believe that there are multiple soulmates one person can have. :thinking:

Love at first sight will never be a thing for me though.

I need to emotionally be attached to them for that to happen. :cry:


Even if I’m a hopeless romantic I had to think about this… I think I believe in that. I have this story and that’s why I believe in it but I’m not gonna talk about it now, it’s long. I do believe you can be attracted to someone right away and I do believe in soulmates even if sometimes your “soulmate” isn’t the person you end up with :relaxed:


I don’t believe in love at first sight. Like, of course there can be that click, that wow you’ll say, some butterflies in your stomach, yes. But it’s not love, not yet. Love is deeper than that.


Who am I kidding I don’t have a charm-


@CerealKiller, you have more charm than a bowl of Lucky Charms. :wink:

Alright, that was kinda lame haha. But seriously, you are an incredibly charming person.