'Main Characters' in RPs?

The word ‘main character’ isn’t used a ot in the context of RPs due to the number of different influences from different characters, but do you think main characters exist in RPs? Are they the most detailed characters, the most helpful, the most active? What are your opinions on ‘chosen ones’ or prophecies?


I don’t think there’s a specific MC

I think your characters are your own MCs, because you obviously have to pay the most attention to them, so they become important characters to you in the roleplay.


Depends on the rp tho

On an overall scale, RPs don’t really have main characters. Some RPs that are very plot centered, may have a main character or two that the RP owner typically creates and owns because that character is crucial to the plot, and used as a way of moving the plot forward. Most however, are not that case. The closest would be some characters that have involvement within individual plots and planning with many of the other RP characters. That character could be called a main character due to their importance and involvement with many others. However that is more on an individual scale, not the RP as a whole.

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