Meet the Forum Staff!

This thread is here for the staff members to write a little bit about them, explain what their jobs are in the forums and let you know what you can come to them for.

I think this is super important as it keeps things transparent and lets you know what’s going on around here. So with that in mind, I’ll be keeping an up-to-date list of all of the staff introductions below:


Owner, Admin and Head of Staff: ShanniiWrites
Head of Moderation: ChaoticDeluge

Pensive Shadow


I hope you have fun on the forums!


ShanniiWrites – Owner, Admin and Head of Staff

Hiya everyone!

I’m Shannii and I own the ShanniiWrites domain. I’m the main blogger for the website and I set up, pay for and maintain the behind-the-scenes stuff on the forums. Plus, I’m in charge of getting funding, advertising and updating the forums whenever we need to. So whenever you make a suggestion for a new feature, I’m the one who has to go frantically looking for how we can implement it.

Of course, I’m the main authority that people can go to on the forums. That means that if you have any trouble with the moderators, I’m the person to send a message to.

As such, I kinda stay out of the forum disputes. I don’t flag, suspend or silence people unless it’s absolutely necessary because I want to make sure that you all have someone to come to if you have a problem with the way our mods are doing things.

But that does mean that my word is final. I can remove a flag if I disagree with something the mods have done, but if I agree, you’ve gone to the head of the company about the issue, unfortunately. Of course, I will listen to your side and discuss the issue with the moderators. Plus, I’ll check the staff notes to make sure that I get a full picture of the issue.

The head of the moderation team is @ChaoticDeluge. He’s the one who’s most likely to deal with silencing, flagging and suspending etc. He also knows way more than I do about where to put posts. I’ve got lots on my plate running things from the back end, so he sorted all of that out for me.

Other than staying out of disputes until someone messages me, I’m also the person to come to if you want a name change or if you have any broader questions about what goes on in the forums. I’m on as much as I can be, but I’m on British time, which means I might not be around for a few hours when you might want me to be.

If you have any questions or issues, don’t be afraid to contact me!


ChaoticDeluge – Head of Moderation

I’m Chaotic, and I’m Shannii’s boyfriend and aide. I’m the head moderator for the forums at the moment! I’m the person who’ll be reviewing flags and making sure new threads and posts follow the Forum Guidelines. I’ll also give out the friendly reminders and warnings to anyone who breaks the Guidelines, and any mistakes made here and there.

I’ll also make sure everything is in the right section when a new thread pops up!

If you have any issues with other Forum members, feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll try my utmost to resolve the situation, though any issues with me or the moderation, in general, should be levied to Shannii directly.

I also help Shannii with some behind-the-scenes workings of the website, though that’s mostly her area. My main job is to interact with and oversee the users on the Forums.


ThatRandomCaraPerson — The other two did this so here I am ( Oh yeah, I’m a leader. It’s important you know that )

So uh hi. I’m Random/Cara, and I’m a leader person here. I don’t really know what to put here…so yeah.

I’m basically here to just be a moderator minus the title moderator, dealing with flags, and doing all that hard mean work. Does that make sense? I have no idea. In other words, I don’t deal with arguments or disputes. That’s what a moderator does. In Shannii’s words,

And also,

So yeah.

I’m not quite sure what you can come to me with considering there’s not much I can think of since I haven’t really done this before, but if you have roleplay questions or want to start one with me, want me to close a thread or topic, if you just want to talk about random stuff, my PMs are open.

I think that’s all? Is it? Whatever. If there’s more that I think of, I’ll add it.

I’m actually cringing at how bad this was.


Stargazer54 - Leader

I’m Star and I’m a leader.

I get almost all the moderation abilities besides dealing with arguments and dealing with flags. So I’m the one who will be moving posts and stuff, and you can @ me if you would like your topic closed! Leaders are the people in charge of posts and moderate them. Not people- actual mods do that.

I’m also the resident medium of the forum so if you have any ghost related issues- PM me!
I like writing, play games on here, and… I don’t know what else to say.

And I’m trying to hide the fact that I’m typing these words right now so that this looks neater and bigger.


Badass_Saasha - A Moderator!


Hello! I am Saasha (with a double a in there, mind you!) :smile:. I am a moderator so I deal with flags and make sure new threads are in the right category and the usual moderation stuff like making sure no one goes off topic and the forum guidelines are followed.

If you want help or just want to be friends or are just bored, hit me up anytime! :sunglasses: My hobbies are reading, writing, drawing and singing. Though my singing puts all to shame, lol. I sing terribly.

And before I lose sense of what I am typing, I’d better stop! :smile:


Mysterious_Tea - Moderator

Hi, it’s Tea here. I’m a moderator, which means I do the typical mod stuff, like staying on-topic, categorising threads, flags, etc.

What can I say here…I’m a Teabiscuit who happened to join this forum, liked it and ended up being a mod. I live in Australia, so I’m sometimes online during the witching hour. :green_heart:

If you want to be friends, or need help with anything, go ahead. :gift_heart: Hmm…I guess I could help with representing Christianity and LGBTQIA+, and I could try helping with more, if you ever need.

This is the worst bio ever. :green_heart: Half the time, even I didn’t know what I was saying.

Edit: I sounded horrible.


Hello, my name is Shadow. I’m a moderator here so you’ll usually see me deal with making sure everyone is off-topic, giving warnings when things are going a bit too far, putting topics in the right category, etc. I’ll still comment on threads like any other member. :stuck_out_tongue: Same with the rest of us. Being a mod makes us no different from one another or anyone in this community.

I usually just play interactive apps. :joy: They’re my favorite kind of games. I like reading…And um…:upside_down_face: That’s about it. If you want to just talk or ask me a question about something you know about me or need help with then feel free to leave a message in a DM or in Channels. :kissing:

This was just awful…:woman_facepalming:t4::rofl:



Bonjour, Hola, Hello, Dia dhuit, Salut, my name is Artey! Well that’s not my real name but if you want you can call me that — or if you prefer call me Daci. Anyway I’m a leader (only because I hadn’t been on for a month, otherwise I’d totally have been able to bribe Shannii to be a mod I mean ignore that totally didn’t bribe anyone)
A leader is basically a mod without most of the abilities and responsibilities! But like chances are if there’s anything that actually needs done I’m probably asleep :joy:.

I come from a family of sports fanatics except I know nothing about sports! The only sport I even enjoy is Volleyball and I don’t even know the actual rules. I have German, Romanian, Polish and a little bit of Irish in me.

I don’t really like cats but they’re okay and I actually have one! Her name is peaches and she likes to slice peeps. With her claws not knives she’s not some evil Chucky cat. (But like did anyone see that trailer with Chucky being a freaking robot thing is instead of a fall like seriously how could they!)

I like horror movies and spooky stuff, as well as board games. If anyone wants to like chat or stuffs about movies and or board games or really anything else I’m basically always awake. (Unless I’m asleep then I’m not awake)

I do believe that’s enough about me!


I wish I was in the staff, can I be in it?


Best one. :sob::heart:


Besides Shannii and Deluge, she’s the only one who actually seemed confident and wasn’t writing random stuff to make it look longer :joy:


@ShanniiWrites, not trying to be rude or something :sweat:, but I think you forgot to add chococaramela and Artey into the staff list. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You’re absolutely right, I forgot to put Artey’s there. When Choco does her’s it’ll go up there too :smiley:


Gosh, Deluge.


You forgot me! How rude




chococarmela - A Moderator!


Hey there. I’m Chococarmela! If you want, you can call me Faith. And I’m a moderator. I handle topics and disciplinary… Stuff.

I was a member on here for a while, and then I became a mod. I like being a mod. It’s fun. And I love my staff and all my community members. We are one. :heart:

Proud black Muslim here. I’m both Nigerian and Ghanaian. I love my race, religion and culture.

I love music. I’m almost always listening to it. My favorite artist is Michael Jackson. I love him and don’t believe anything bad about him. Unless he actually did it. I like to read and write. I love watching films and TV shows, it’s pretty cool. I also do photography as a hobby. I love cats.

I’m quite outspoken and opinionated when I need to be. Anytime you need a good debate, hit me up! And no, just cuz I’m from New York doesn’t mean I wear Timberlands. That’s a stereotype.

If you wanna be friends or talk to me about anything, DM me or talk to me in a channel.

Love you. :yellow_heart: