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Hey, so yeah I’m Meghan, I can’t decide on a pfp so I won’t post one until I’ve found one that suits me, and I’m rambling cause… yeah.

Fave Books

Skulduggery Pleasant
Playing with fire
The faceless ones
The dying of the light
Last stand of dead men
Kingdom of the wicked
… you know what I’ll save my typing and just say anything written by Derek Landy :upside_down_face:
The hunger Games (1,2&3)
His dark materials (btw the series came out tonight I just finished watching episode one please please watch it it’s amazing.)
I used to love the secret 7 by Enid Blyton.
The Gone series
Five Kingdoms (1,2,3,4&5)
Mortal Engines was quite good.
One of us is lying
Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, The Kane trilogy and Heroes of Olympus all by Rick Riordan.
Harry Potter although I kind of outgrew them.
… so many more too

I’m usually quite indecisive, I n the d to give myself deadlines or I’ll forget completely and if you want my attention then spamming me may be required cause sometimes I click on a notification then completely forget about it.

… I have no clue where this is going so I’m just gonna keep listing stuff about myself…

I’m questioning bisexual
I’m female
My name is Meghan but it’s also not Meghan
I love memes
I have a friend called dying dreams. (I just wanted to rhyme lmao)
I love roleplay and role playing
I’m trying my best to write a story on Wattpad for the prompt class that @WolfGamerGirl37 is hosting.
I have posted signups for my Divergent RP so if you wanna join then yeah, please do.

I’m a leader so I bump, close and archive threads you can come to me if you have an issue, or wanna talk, or rant… I’ll take anything. I am a swimmer IRL and legit yesterday I got a gold medal at the East Distract championship, last summer I got silver at Nationals so I’m going for gold this time :sunglasses:


Wow, that was short and… :eyes::sparkles:

You misspelled your own name… :no_mouth::eyes::sparkles::joy::green_heart:


It wasn’t supposed to be I accidentally hit reply when I was trying to type :upside_down_face:


I’m happy you are turning your story into a wattpad book. Good luck with getting the gold medal! I really hope you get it this time!


AlissaGrace - Leader

Hey there beings of the universe! I’m AlissaGrace, you can call me ‘Alissa’, ‘Grace’, or my username (Grace is my middle name). I am a leader, meaning I can close and archive threads, along with adding tags and stuff like that. I love talking to you guys so if you’re ever bored then my PM’s are always open! I know that sometimes talking to a leader is kinda scary, but we’re incredibly nice, if we weren’t then we wouldn’t be leaders.

Here’s some stuff about me; I’m a Gemini, I LOVE to cook and bake, and my favorite colors are green, blue, and grey. I’m also an Empath and pretty spiritual so if you’re into that kind of stuff then we already have something in common!

If you would like to know some more stuff about me, you can either read my bio, or you can PM me!



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Bump, these people are awesome

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Cookie - Leader

You can call me Cookie, or Your Majesty.
I wanted to become a leader, because I thrive for power, which is 'caused by my inner insecurities.

I take care of the Anonymous Confessions thread, 'cause I live for tea. Also, I organize adult drinkinggames from time to time. So if you want one - I’m your guy.

My dream is to close the thread on request, but I’m always late.

If you want to be friends with me better find someone else because my emotional capacity allows me to have only a certain, limited amount of friends and I don’t have free spots now.

I write, do art and make backgrounds. The last two things I do mostly for money because I love money and people were praising my stuff too much.
I’m self-absorbed, so if you want to talk about me, or make a thread about me - go ahead.

Only message me in case of emergency.



there will be a time, where you’ll be online and i’ll only tag you to close it lol


aww ^^ thank you <3


but you won’t know when it’ll happen, so it could be minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, you just don’t know yet :joy:


now that’s mean xD


I have to tell you the negative side of the positive lmao



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Hanna1 - (new) Leader :eyes::sparkles:

Titelloses 38_20191203151701

Hi humans and not humans :wave::smiley_cat::eyes::sparkles:
Most of you know me already, but I’ll introduce myself with this way too long introduction post anyways :smile_cat::eyes::sparkles:
So, my name is obviously Hanna, but you can call me whatever you want as long as it isn’t a shortened version of my name. :blush::eyes::sparkles:
If you haven’t noticed already, my favourite emoji combination is “:eyes::sparkles:” and I use it always and everywhere, I only don’t use it if I’m too lazy or not in a good mood, which is rarely the case. :eyes::sparkles:
One thing I really like about the forums are the polls, that’s why I created the weekly polls and the poll battle. So if you ever need help with something poll related, you can always message and/or tag me :eyes::sparkles::smiley_cat:
I love forum games and forum events, so feel free to tag me in any of them anytime, I’ll be happy to join them :smile_cat::eyes::sparkles:
My life isn’t interesting at all, so I’m online most of the time when I’m not busy with sleeping, reading, drawing, playing tennis or trying not to fall asleep in class :eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile:
My favourite animals are cats and ducks, but I like every other animal, too , just like I like every kind of music (unless it’s German rap, I hate German rap :eyes::eyes::eyes:) woah, you’re still reading this?! :scream::eyes::sparkles:
I’m from Germany and English is my third language, so I’m sorry if my English is a little weird sometimes, I’m trying my best to improve it :sweat_smile::eyes::sparkles::green_heart:
Is there anything I forgot? :thinking::eyes::sparkles:
Oh right, feel free to PM me if you ever feel bored or need help, I’m always happy to chat with new humans and not humans :smile_cat::eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

I know that “not humans” isn’t grammatically correct, but I don’t care :eyes::sparkles:



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Bump! @Kimballet do your bio!


Kimballet isn’t a staff member